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Sarah Robinett

Sarah Robinett

Equine Coordinator
Session Instructor

Cleveland, Missouri

I first heard about Crystal Peaks when I was 12 years old, listening to Troy and Kim speak on the Focus on the Family broadcast.  When I turned off the radio, I told my mom emphatically, “THAT’S what I am supposed to do with my life!”  From that moment on, I knew God was calling me to work with kids and horses. 

Over the next 10 years, I prayed diligently for Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch, its staff and kids.  I also asked, according to His Will, would He consider sending me out to help in ministry there at the ranch? In 2014, it seemed like doors were opening wide for my dream to do ministry through horses at my house. However, personal health problems brought everything to a sudden, screeching halt. 

During this time, I met Troy at a speaking event in Missouri and he invited me to come spend time volunteering at the Ranch. A few months later, I arrived at Crystal Peaks. Confirmation showered all over my time spent there. I knew God was calling me back to serve my Jesus, fulfilling a dream to love kids and horses in this place. The high desert environment drastically improved my health and I returned home from my trip only long enough to prepare to move to Oregon. 

The doors God closed earlier that year only drove me closer to the greater plan He had for me. He's answered my prayers, I've been invited to join the Ranch family here as a staff member!

Any interesting facts about you?

As a child, I met with my friends to talk them into opening a rescue facility for horses and kids with me when we grew up – I even helped them decide what they should choose for college majors to prepare them for the ranch job positions they would hold! 

What is your favorite thing about your job?

I LOVE playing with kids!!!  I get to play with kids AND horses, what could be better? 

What is something that you are passionate about doing outside of Crystal Peaks?

Music - I can spend hours playing piano or plucking the strings of my guitar. I also love to paint! 


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