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Rebekah Pinkerton

Rebekah Pinkerton

Equine Assistant
Session Instructor

Coeur d’Alene, ID  

From the earliest I can remember, I have always had a passion for horses and a deep desire to be able to walk with people, specifically children, through their individual journeys and share with them the hope and love of Jesus Christ. However, in my young mind, I couldn’t seem to figure out how sharing the Gospel with people and working with horses intertwined. That all changed the day I found Kim’s book, Hope Rising, sitting on our library shelf. Tears began to trickle down my cheeks as I read story after story of the little and big miracles my Jesus was doing through a seemingly worthless land, a broken girl, and abused horses, and how, through their testimonies, He was bringing healing to so many hurting children and broken families. I watched in awe as I saw His beautiful redemption plan unfold in a unique and special way, and, deep in my eleven-year old heart, I heard a call. Right then, I knew that this was the reason He had placed those passions in my heart – this was my calling.   

I began praying and dreaming about starting a ranch of my own someday like Crystal Peaks. Little did I know that the Lord would bring me to the CPYR itself. After six years of praying, I found out the Ranch had a website and subsequently discovered the internship opportunity. Even though I was technically too young, I submitted an intern application anyways. The answer was “Not this year.” My mother encouraged me to at least volunteer, so I roped my brother into driving me to Oregon. It’s amazing looking back and seeing God’s purposes for each one of those steps, as it was on that trip that my brother met his future wife. The Lord also re-impressed on my heart through that week of volunteering that I was meant to come back. Consequently, I reapplied that fall. When I received the second denial call, I was left feeling a little confused. With tears and many questions, I sought the Lord, asking what He was doing and why He wasn’t opening doors when He was the one who had placed this call in my heart. Let me tell you, friends, the Lord ALWAYS knows what He’s doing!! In His great wisdom He knew that I needed to come to a place of full surrender before I would be ready to receive the gift He was waiting to give me. In His perfect timing, He gave my dream back to me and brought it to fruition, except this time even better than I had imagined!  

A month after I received the second denial, the Ranch called me again and invited me to come on at the Ranch as an equine intern – a new position they had just created! As their Equine Manager explained over the phone what all it would entail, I sat in utter awe and amazement. It perfectly fit both the giftings the Lord had given me and gave opportunity for growth in all the main ways I needed mentorship in. It was as though the position had been tailor-made for me! After my internship year, I went home for a couple months to pray about what the Lord would have me to do next, and it was with great joy that I have accepted the Ranch’s invitation to come on as staff! I am so grateful to be here serving the Lord alongside the board, staff, and many volunteers. And it is with great excitement that I look forward to all He will continue to do in each of our lives and in the lives of every single person that walks up the road to this place - His ranch! 

What is your favorite thing about your job?

Ask anyone here and they would tell you this is my all-time worst question to answer, because almost EVERYTHING is my favorite! I love every part of my job!!! Although I must admit, I definitely prefer the outside work, specifically horseback riding and building relationships, more than the inside tasks.  

What do you do in your free time?

Free time? What is that?! Haha, with the lifestyle I lead, free time is not something I often have on hand. However, when I’m not working or doing school, I really enjoy being outside either exploring the great outdoors or working with animals! Perhaps even more than that, though, I love spending quality time with people, specifically my family – both biological and my “Ranch family” – as well as my many friends back in Idaho and across the U.S.! I am also an artist at heart, so I enjoy practically anything creative, whether that be sewing, card making, writing, and, most especially, drawing!! Endeavoring to capture the beauty of God’s creation with my pencil is one of my favorite things to do!  

Have you ever had a favorite or unique pet?

Definitely my favorite pet is my horse God’s Will Be Dun, a.k.a. Lilly. My parents bought her when she was six months old and ended up giving her to me for my eighth birthday a few years later. To my great dismay, through a series of events, they needed to sell her along with our other horses when I was ten. I remember praying every day when I would go to bed that God would give her back to me. Two years later, He did just that! However, the Lilly that came back to our ranch wasn’t the same as the one who had left…over the time she had been gone, something had occurred that instilled in her a paralyzing fear of everything snake-like on the ground, including hoses and little sticks. Together we walked through the journey of overcoming fear and insecurities, and today my little horse will even jump logs for me!

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