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Rebecca Devereaux

Rebecca Devereaux

Volunteer Coordinator

Downey, CA  

My journey here at Crystal Peaks began at one of the monthly Fellowship gatherings. I hadn’t lived in Central Oregon long and had been seeking out the heart of God for what He was doing in this region. When I arrived, I was immediately struck by the depth of love and tangible presence of the Lord in this place. As I began to lean into the Holy Spirit during the time of worship, my senses were saturated with a deep longing to know and understand more of what He was doing in this place. I learned that night that there were opportunities to tour the Ranch and hear the full story of what God was doing and how it all began. I quickly signed up.   

Like so many others, I then read Kim’s books and felt my heart being deeply touch by the amazing grace of the Father who was breathing such life and healing into a ministry such as this and knew I needed to be a part of it and contribute in whatever ways I could. As I pressed in further, not only was I touched by what He was doing in this place, but there was also something going on deep inside of me, in a place of brokenness that only the Father knew about. As I read multiple stories of heartache and trauma, I could almost feel the breath of the Holy Spirit as He whispered gently, revealing areas in my own life where yet another layer of healing was waiting.  

I was also one of those broken children whom God had embraced with healing and truth. Horses were my safe and dearest friends while I was growing up. I always felt a special bond when riding or just being around horses. God has truly created something very special in the relationships that are formed with horses. Of course, at the time I didn’t know this was a gift from God, not until my teen years when He radically touched my life did I begin to realize that He was a very real and truly amazing God who knows each of us intimately and desires relationship with us all. I fell deeply, completely, head-over-heels in love with Jesus and my life would never be the same. That passion led me into years of ministry where I continued to grow and impart the love of God to others. And there is nothing that fills up my heart more than being able to share this love and truth.   

My heart is to pour out the love of God wherever I am, whether that is hands-on task work here at the Ranch or sharing a smile and imparting life and hope to any who come here. I started as a volunteer at the Ranch for about two years before joining the staff as the Volunteer Coordinator. Being here in an environment where every member of our staff is actively and collectively seeking out God’s best and highest has been amazing and I feel truly humbled and honored to be serving the Lord in this way.  

What is an interesting fact about you?

Born and raised in Downey, CA.  I was fortunate enough to live in the same home from birth until I graduated high school and moved out on my own.  

What is your nickname?

I was always known as Becky, and, to my family, still am.  When I was a young adult and got a job as a flower designer, there was another gal I was working with who happened to look very much like me and we both used the same name. So to simplify things I began to go by Becca. When I started real estate in 2007 (which I am still doing today), I began to use my given name of Rebecca.  

Have you ever had a favorite or unique pet? 

I have had pets all of my life, but I have to give honor right now to Zeke. He was my sixteen-year-old Great Dane! I lost him in 2012 when I moved to Bend from Salem, OR. When I got him, he was about one and a half. We lived on acreage and he was a runner from another nearby property. He came to my house every day to play with my dogs who had acres of fenced in, safe room to run. I finally tracked down the owner because I was concerned about him running the streets, especially at night as he was all black and not easily seen regardless of his size. When I finally found the owner, he said he didn’t want him and I could have him. So he joined our family and lived out a long life with his new companions. I now have just one cat, who, by the way, has no idea he is a cat, and is perhaps the most comical and fun pet ever. His name is Oliver.

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