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Paul Steere

Paul Steere

Facilities Assistant
Session Instructor

Niles, MI

When the Harley Davidson and four trucks weren’t enough, I became tired of trying to find my own satisfaction from those types of things. I went to my knees and started praying. Father, there’s got to be more to life than this. I give up. You created me and I reckon you know what I want to do better than I do. So Father, lead on. Boy, did He ever! 

I’d been to a clinic at Crystal Peaks the previous summer. I was endlessly amazed at the way God used the Ranch to impact so many. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that God might have a place for me there. I mean, hey, I didn’t have any special qualifications. I’ve never been to college, why would they want me? But I was sick of my life, and when the Lord told me to apply, who was I to argue? When it became clear that the Ranch was where He wanted me to go, I sure didn’t resist. I sold off everything I owned and drove across the country to the place He was calling me.

God has given me so much. A heart to serve, passion for working with kids and the ability to appreciate His handiwork in everything I see. It’s my privilege and honor to put these gifts to work here at the Ranch.  

Few things hurt me more than watching a child walk up the driveway with their head hung low, especially when they’re acting shy and not speaking from fear of rejection and embarrassment. The brokenness is obvious, and I can’t stand it. God has so much for these young ones!  He brought me here to shine His light in all that I do.   I am truly honored. I get to spend my time with these children to bring out the playfulness and creativity in them. I love seeing a child’s eyes shine, hearing them laugh and watching them soar.  

I witness freedom and true excitement in these kids. The Ranch makes available to them a place to relax and feel safe. For that I’m blessed every day.

What is the funniest thing a kid has ever said to you at the Ranch?

During an intense water fight, I’d just run out of water. I was being held up by a youngster at point-blank range. I asked him not to shoot me while I reloaded.  He responded with “I’m not here to shoot, I’m here to liberate!”

What is something you are passionate about doing outside of Crystal Peaks?

God has given me two strong hands and a good back. I love putting them to work helping others who are less fortunate than I am. Whether it’s repairing a broken vehicle, splitting wood or hauling something, I find true pleasure in being able to help. I also love attending auctions so I can find awesome things that people are looking for.

What is your nickname - and why?

I have two that I’m known for: Tall Paul and Boots. Tall Paul because I’m, well, tall. And Boots because, at one time, boots were the only footwear I owned. My cousins found this amusing. So Boots I became.

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