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Max Clark

Max Clark

Senior Worship Leader

Hartner, Kansas

My journey to Crystal Peaks began with Troy Meeder, whom I met through mutual friends and our church community. His story about the calling that he and Kim had on their lives was intriguing, encouraging, and inspiring! It was a cause and purpose I wanted to be a part of and invest in.  I had a minor problem though... I am a city guy! I love to shop with my wife, shine my shoes, and love city lights. My experiences with horses…well, I’ve been bucked off twice and now I’m good with just admiring these big, beautiful creatures.

I am a worship leader and Troy asked for my help with worship at one of the Fellowship gatherings held in the old barn. Troy and I share a deep love of worship that helps connect people to God. That connection has grown deep and wide over the last 20 years!  What an amazing journey God has blessed and bonded us with. CPYR is my heart home, centering place, my breath of fresh wind. I’m forever grateful each time I’m called to worship here.

Passion outside Crystal Peaks: My absolutely gorgeous wife Kelly, our precious kids, and my ministry called The Relief Band. I mobilize teams of worshipers to give worship pastors in our local churches a time to rest and refresh. It’s been a great way to connect, unite, and support the local churches and pastors.

What is one interesting fact about you?

I had the privilege to lead worship at a men’s retreat alongside the lead guitar player for Elton John / Caleb Quay! Such an inspiration, and a pleasure to meet.

What is your favorite thing about your job?

There is something very special and humbling about leading people through worship into the presence of God at CPYR. He is in the midst here! Many have said, “You can feel the presence of God here,” and I agree. Where He is there is hope and freedom!

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