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Emma Jansson

Emma Jansson

Similar Ministries Outreach Assistant

I have had the opportunity to work for Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch since the fall of 2016 and have been blessed to ​invest in a variety of roles here. God moved my husband and I back to our home town in Minnesota during the spring of 2018. Here I’ve had the honor to work remotely for Crystal Peaks as their Similar Ministries Outreach Assistant. In this role, I have the privilege of ​coming alongside similar ministries throughout the country and world. I am passionate about people and relationships.

God has used many things in my life in really unique and powerful ways to reveal His own heart for me and others. Some of those things have been horses and kids. Through the eyes of children and animals He’s shown a glimpse of His unconditional love and creativity. He has allowed me to work with children of all ages since I was twelve years old.

I am blown away by God’s undying, sacrificing, and respectful love that He has for His beloved people. He is so good! I haven’t always been great at trusting Him or His plan, doubting His goodness and intentions at times, but I believe this is a journey that I’ll be on until I see Him face to face in Heaven, and it’s an exciting journey. One of the most powerful prayers that God has led me to pray is “Lord, make my desires, Your desires.” This simple prayer has changed my life. It’s led me on a path of excitement, danger, trust, grief, healing, unbounding hope, joy, and so many other wonderful things that He’s designed in all of us to experience in order that we may live more freely and get to know Him more fully. 

What is your most embarrassing moment at CPYR?  

It took place on my birthday. Crystal Peaks’ tradition stands that one must be dunked in the water trough when they turn a year older. My dunking was such that a fellow coworker said it was his greatest dunking success of all. I was informed that morning that a picture needed to be taken of my dunking, so I was told that I would be thrown in during the third session. By the time the third session rolled around, I had already forgotten all about it. I was conveniently standing with one foot on the cement slab that the trough was on and both hands holding onto its edge. I was so involved in the conversation I was having with my session kiddo that I didn’t notice the small crowd forming behind me as my coworker grabbed one of my ankles and flipped me head first into the trough! A little bit of mercy I received is that the photo was never captured of my most embarrassing moment. ​

What is one life lesson you learned from working with a kid in a session?  

It was my first session with a particular teenager. When I was introducing her to some of the horses, she asked to see Hero because she heard the story of how he came to the Ranch. She was quiet and somber as she approached him, making sure he saw her with his remaining eye. I watched as she stared in wonder at this animal that had endured so much pain and lived. After a short time of silence, I asked her why she liked him so much. She quietly and slowly explained that she was amazed that he had been hurt so badly by people and yet could trust them still. God used this moment to teach me to stand and wonder at His marvelous ability to heal the most impossible wounds.

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