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Christy Tice

Christy Tice

Session Instructor

Sciota, PA

I’ve been horse-crazy for as long as I can remember, but I also knew that, as a follower of Christ, people and ministry must come first. After years of praying about what God would have me do long-term and following where God led me in the meantime, He finally revealed it to me in a lightning-bolt moment one night:

I sat bolt upright in bed, suddenly remembering the stories I had read about Crystal Peaks in Kim’s books as a child, and thought: “Now this is finally a career that seems to fit me!! I love kids, I love horses, and I love Jesus!!” Then, after two more years of praying and seeing doors swing wide open, I was finally privileged to become part of the team and family here, first as an intern and then as staff. It has been the absolute best, most fulfilling time of my life…times three!!

I love working with and training horses and hope to rescue sometime down the road, but I love love love sessions with my kiddos, where I can share the joy and love of life, horses, and, most of all, my Savior with them.

What is your nickname? And why, if there is a reason?

Crispy Rice. Because Brad.

What do you love about Central Oregon? 

There are so many outdoor and adventurous things to do here, and so much sunshine!!!

What do you like to do in your free time? 

Skiing, riding, and basically any other sport or adventure I can find at any given moment. Also, reading and making guitar-string jewelry, baking (especially homemade bread!) and having good conversations while spending quality time with friends. 



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