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Cathy Chambers

Cathy Chambers

Gardens & Grounds Assistant

Irvine, CA

Hello beautiful people! I discovered Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch in quite a roundabout way. A friend Jody, had given my good friend, Jacke, the book Hope Rising after Jacke had experienced a horrific tragedy in her family. I asked Jacke if I could borrow it since I’d have time to read on our mountain biking & camping trip up to Central Oregon.  While reading the book, I was so excited about the God-inspired hope and healing taking place on those pages. I shared with Jacke, and we decided to extend our trip by a day and visit the Ranch. Initially, we thought it was in Montana or some faraway place. We were delighted to discover it was only a 30-minute drive from the campsite we were staying, so off we went! God is so good in the way He brings things to pass!  

Fast forward a few years. I ended up living 10 minutes from the ranch and enjoying Fellowship nights at CPYR every month. By going to Fellowship, I got to know the staff little by little. In spring 2021, God provided an opportunity to join the team. I’m an introvert by nature, but God has shown me that He needs a variety of personalities to minister to the many unique personalities He has created. I’m grateful to be a part of the CPYR team. In fact, it actually feels more like a family living and working together, spreading the love of God to those who walk up that well-known hill.

What do I love about Central Oregon?

The Deschutes River is the number one thing that drew me here. I love to be near large bodies of water, and it flows throughout Central Oregon.  Along with that are all the trees, mountains, and lakes in this beautiful land God created.

What are your favorite things about your job?

I truly enjoy being outside in God’s creation. I’m in a new season of life where He’s bringing people across my path to teach me about growing food and taking care of the land.  I’m discovering a new passion with this new season. Even the simplest of things like weed pulling fills me up in ways I’d never expected. It’s a good time to “just be” with my Heavenly Father, praying and listening to that still small voice.

What is something you are passionate about doing outside of CPYR?

I also work for a non-profit ministry called Grieving Moms Finding Hope. We help lead moms who’ve lost a child toward hope and healing in Jesus.  I help with many of the administrative tasks and provide a Live Scripture Meditation on our Facebook page. Many have told me that my voice is soothing, so this is an area where I love to help the sweet mammas. My mom is in that group, and it blesses me so much to help her in this way.

Recreationally, I enjoy roller skating, mountain biking, hiking and swinging in my hammock next to the river. It’s imperative to schedule time for your passions; it brings balance to the body and soul! 

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