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Brinna Pinkerton

Brinna Pinkerton

Facilities Assistant
Session Instructor

Battle Ground, Washington

Since I can remember, I’ve had a passion for horses and felt the love of God. When I first heard of the Ranch as a young girl, I knew I wanted to live a life that blended the love of God with my passion for horses in a way that would bring hope to God’s children in this hurting world. Over the years, God has taught me personally so many things about my relationship with Him through working with horses. Being able to share these lessons with others is such a joy. 

There are innumerable reasons I love working at the Ranch, but one of the biggest ones would be the team of people I’m blessed to work with. Not only does each of these wonderful individuals have a passion for mentoring the kids that come out here for that purpose, but they also have a deep desire to enrich their own relationship with Jesus and cultivate that same relationship amongst their coworkers and anyone they meet! Ephesians 2 tells us how, through God’s grace, we have become members of His family and therefore house the very Spirit of God. In working at the Ranch, I have seen this chapter lived out through the lives of each individual who has been called here. Through lending ears to listen, offering words of wisdom and love, giving of time and effort to help on projects or in urgent situations, and countless other means, the staff (and volunteers) at the Ranch, through their day-to-day actions, live as the hands of God. What a blessing it is to be a part of not just a ranch, but the family of God!

What is your favorite coffee drink?

​Black coffee or unflavored latte with an extra shot.

What is one life lesson or thing you have learned from working with a kid in a session? 

I was once walking with a young girl from the main yard up past the office when, suddenly, she looked at me with a grin and challenged, “I’ll race you up there!” We took off running together and I managed to get some distance ahead of her. It was then that I realized we hadn’t clarified where “up there” was. She had turned and headed to the woodshop, where she tagged the door and proclaimed her victory. I had to laugh at myself as I felt the Lord was showing me: Don’t get so caught up in running hard and fast that you forget where you’re running and why. What an important thing to remember in this busy life!

What is something that you are passionate about doing outside of Crystal Peaks?

Learning and applying horsemanship, especially as it applies to ranch work and cattle. 



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