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Ben Donald

Ben Donald

Personal Assistant to CEO

Woodland, WA

Growing up on a dairy farm in Woodland, WA, I clocked many hours on a tractor. It was during one of these drives in 2004 when I first heard Kim on Dr. Dobson’s radio program. Something in the stories that Kim told resonated with my heart. It was not until about 10 years later, when I met and married my wife, that I crossed paths with the ranch again. My wife had heard the same broadcast in 2004 and was also struck by the interview. She began helping support the ranch financially, but had never visited. One day during random conversation, we discovered we had listened to and were equally touched by the same interview. We began making trips down to the ranch to volunteer and help out wherever we could. God confirmed our hopes and suspicions when Troy and Kim approached us about some specific needs at the ranch, especially involving the work at Refuge.

It took us about a year to move our family down to Bend and get settled in, but it was a labor of love. God met all of our needs and much more, as He likes to do, along the way. My roll at the ranch is evolving with time and the needs at hand, but I am excited to be contributing to the work, the healing, and the building that is taking place here.

What do you like to do in your free time?

 I am a projector. I enjoy tackling all kinds of projects from plumbing, to automotive repair, to painting.

Any interesting fact about you?

I spent five years as a long haul truck driver moving honeybees around the western fourteen states for crop pollination and honey production.

What is your favorite thing(s) about your job?

I love that the entire ranch is here to serve. I love that the focus is bringing people into contact with Heaven, with Jesus himself. This is my favorite thing in the world and, though it feels strange to call it a "job", that is the biggest blessing of working on the ranch to me.

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