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Aly Pflugfelder

Aly Pflugfelder

Similar Ministries Advisor

Ashland, OH

In 2011, I was given the book Hope Rising by a neighbor. Like most busy moms, it inevitably sat on the counter waiting for an opportunity to be read. Later that year, friends of ours invited us to join them at a CPYR Information Clinic for people interested in using horses in ministry. The two dots were connected, and God gave unique callings to each of us during our time at the Information Clinic.

Several years into ministry, I was stricken with a painfully debilitating disorder that left my left leg paralyzed and my mobility drastically compromised. I walked short distances with the help of a mobility assist dog and used a wheelchair on a regular basis. In 2015 we decided to come to a CPYR Ministry Conference to share in person our decision to close down our ministry. God had other plans though. He prevented the enemy from any such plan. His restoration and immediate healing of my leg came with a simple prayer, prayed by a dear friend at the Lookout pavilion at the Ranch. I learned that day to never underestimate the power of a single prayer; it has the ability to forever change a life! So, if you ask me, my favorite spot on the Ranch is the Lookout. Not only do you have an amazing view of Three Sisters, but, if you look close enough, Heaven is in plain sight.

I love every aspect of my job, but my favorite part has to be forming relationships and shouldering alongside the similar ministries here at Crystal Peaks. I also love being able to lift up these ministries in prayer on a regular basis. We may not have all the answers people need when they call and ask for help, but we serve a BIG GOD that has all of them!

What do you like to do in your free time?

Anything family! We have four children and one granddaughter. We like to play board games and cards, go geocaching, eat yummy food together and explore God’s nature. I am also a huge animal lover. So when I am not playing with my family, you can find me sneaking treats to our small flock of sheep, or slipping into the saddle to ride my sixteen-hand horse Gracie or throwing the ball to one of our five dogs. If I find a few extra bucks in my pocket, I love to walk around farmer’s markets, garage sales and antique stores.

What do you love about Central Oregon?

What is there not to love about Central Oregon? Their blueberries are the size of a nickel, it smells like Christmas year round and it’s the home of Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch! Some of my favorite places include the quaint downtown of Sisters, Sahalie Falls, Clear Lake and Blue Hole. My other favorite part about Central Oregon is that it is only three hours from the Pacific coast!

Any interesting facts about you?

I am a mom of four kids. ​Two of my kids have been adopted, one internationally and one domestically. In 2018 we became interim foster parents to a thirteen-year-old boy from church. At one point or another I have homeschooled all four children, including our foster son. Our immediate family knows American Sign Language as one of my daughters is non-verbal.

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