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Aly Hinkle

Aly Hinkle

Session Instructor

Springfield, MO

I've always had a passion for horses and for rescue. I had a feeling since middle school that God was preparing me to enter ministry in some aspect. One day driving home from school, I heard Kim interviewing on Focus on the Family and was blown away that God called the Meeders to use horses in ministry. I immediately burned with a passion to pursue my own ranch in the future, and have followed CPYR closely ever since. After college, I felt the Spirit's prodding to apply for the internship and was accepted! During my internship year, He taught me so so much, and it was often challenging letting Him take me further beyond myself, but I grew so much in my walk with Him. I also felt strongly that the Lord was calling me to come back on staff, and so here I am!

It's such a blessing to get to work with the staff, families, and volunteers every day. I love seeing how our good Lord works in the tiny details of everyday life to show everyone more of Himself and more of His heart for us. It's amazing how big He can move with small acts of obedience! We don't have to be people who have it all together or who never fail. He refines and equips us daily. I love getting to live in that freedom and share it with others. Also, as a horse-crazy girl, spending time with all of our horses doesn't hurt either....

What is your favorite coffee drink?

It depends on the season! If it's cold, I LOVE salted mochas (with whip cream, of course). If it's warm, I also enjoy iced mocha chai or an iced caramel macchiato!

What is one life lesson you have learned from working with a kid in a session?

I remember one session where I wasn't sure what was best for the kid I was with. In that moment of uncertainty I asked Jesus to show me what to do and I quickly heard, "Just be present." That was it. I quickly relaxed and knew for that session, I didn't have to have sage words or have the most fun session on earth. My kid just needed to feel seen and valued. The life lesson is that in uncertainties all we need is to seek what the Spirit is telling us, for His understanding and wisdom far surpasses ours!

What is one of the craziest or most fun things you have done on the Ranch or with the Ranch on a trip?

I LOVED the 2019 coast trip where we spent hours playing black mamba on the pool table in our rental house. So fun seeing more of the staff's sassy and competitive side.

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