Who We Are

Meet Our Staff

  • Max Clark

    Max Clark

    Senior Worship Leader

    My journey to Crystal Peaks began with Troy Meeder, whom I met through mutual friends and our church community. His story about the calling that he and Kim had on their lives was intriguing, encouraging, and inspiring! It was a cause and purpose I wanted to be a part of and invest in. I had a minor problem though... I am a city guy!

  • Aly Hinkle

    Aly Hinkle

    Session Instructor

    I've always had a passion for horses and for rescue. I had a feeling since middle school that God was preparing me to enter ministry in some aspect. Driving home from school one day, I heard Kim interviewing on Focus on the Family radio station and was blown away that God had called the Meeders to use horses in ministry.

  • Lorissa Ziemer

    Lorissa Ziemer

    Session Instructor

    The story of how I ended up at the Ranch has the hand of God all over it. I heard about the Ranch just after I graduated college. Looking back now, that seemed very odd because, as a kid, I was horse-crazy and obsessed with every book that had a horse on the cover.