Who We Are

Meet Our Staff

  • Ann Hawley

    Ann Hawley

    Volunteer Supervisor

    I’ve had a special place in my heart for Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch for over 20 years. My husband Greg and I met Kim and Troy in the early 90’s, and we’ve cherished their sweet friendship over the years. We’ve continued to pray for the Lord’s leading on their lives and, although we moved to Portland years ago, our bond has remained strong.

  • Rachel Hanson-McBride

    Rachel Hanson-McBride

    CRM Customizer

    Hey there, friends. It is a bit odd to introduce myself to all of you in this way. Since there are such a variety of reasons you may be reading these words, I am not sure that I can speak to every question in these short paragraphs. Still, I want to encourage you with a few thoughts from my life here at the ranch.

  • Xandra Bruckner

    Xandra Bruckner

    Gardener, Finance Assistant
    Session Instructor

    When I was seventeen years old, God placed a unique desire in my heart: the dream of starting a ranch that paired kids and horses together, using aspects of psychology as a tool to help them. I went to college to major in psychology, but I struggled with the seemingly impossible task of starting a ranch from the ground up.

  • Judy Jeffery

    Judy Jeffery

    Assistant to Founders

    I’m no stranger to the wounding arrows of the Enemy. Nor have I been spared from being lured by his awful lies. Falling victim to these lies and wounds, I once lived a secret life bound in a self-made prison. Finally, the truth of Galatians 5:1 broke through the deception, “It is for FREEDOM that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.”

  • Lynn Watkins

    Lynn Watkins

    Program Assistant
    Fellowship Coordinator

    I was introduced to Crystal Peaks when I heard Kim speak on Focus on the Family. Being a horse lover, I was intrigued by how the Ranch used horses to share the love and hope of Jesus to kids and families that were experiencing brokenness and pain. I remember listening and being so moved by all the stories. My first thought was: THAT is what I want to be a part of!

  • Deirdre Gomez

    Deirdre Gomez

    Equine Assistant
    Session Instructor

    I first heard of CPYR about fifteen years ago. Kim Meeder was the guest speaker at a women’s conference at our church. I loved her first book, Hope Rising, and subsequently started visiting the Ranch. In 2015, my husband, daughter, and I moved back to Bend after raising our four children in Portland, OR.

  • Bryson Voth

    Bryson Voth

    Facilities Assistant

    My wife, Janine, and I lived in central Kansas for all of our lives. I worked at the same aircraft company for about 30 years, and both of us were content and comfortable with where we were. We assumed that retirement and living out the rest of our lives would be done in that small, quaint Midwest town. However, when God wants you to move, He puts a burr under your saddle.

  • Leah Meier

    Leah Meier

    Facilities Assistant

    In January 2019 I was approached by a friend who, knowing of my love for horses, handed me a piece of paper with the Crystal Peaks logo on it and a brief synopsis of why the ranch started and what it does. I remember thinking ‘well that’s kinda cool’ and then putting it in the back of my mind.

  • Ben Donald

    Ben Donald

    Personal Assistant to CEO

    Growing up on a dairy farm in Woodland, WA, I clocked many hours on a tractor. It was during one of these drives in 2004 when I first heard Kim on Dr. Dobson’s radio program. Something in the stories that Kim told resonated with my heart. It was not until about 10 years later, when I met and married my wife, that I crossed paths with the ranch again.

  • Max Clark

    Max Clark

    Senior Worship Leader

    My journey to Crystal Peaks began with Troy Meeder, whom I met through mutual friends and our church community. His story about the calling that he and Kim had on their lives was intriguing, encouraging, and inspiring! It was a cause and purpose I wanted to be a part of and invest in. I had a minor problem though... I am a city guy!