Who We Are

Meet Our Staff

  • Stephanie Voth

    Stephanie Voth

    Program Director
    Session Instructor

    I felt called to Crystal Peaks after hearing about the ministry from my mentor. The Lord would not let me forget about what He was doing in this place. I started praying about coming out to Central Oregon to serve. I frequently heard about the books and listened to podcasts of the Focus on the Family interviews.

  • Bill Watkins

    Bill Watkins

    Facilities Director

    In 2014, my soon-to-be-wife Lynn told me about CPYR. When I saw the video of the Ranch, I told her, "Sign me up. When do we go?" A year later, we were married in Montana. Crystal Peaks would come up periodically in conversation when we received the newsletter. We even talked about coming to the Ranch for an Information Clinic to see what it was all about.

  • Sarah Perez

    Sarah Perez

    PR Director
    Session Instructor

    I first heard about the Ranch when I was twelve years old through one of Kim Meeder’s books, Bridge Called Hope. During this time I was facing one of the hardest seasons of my life and hope was something that had become foreign to me. I had become so numb to life and had even thought, “I have nothing to offer this world.”

  • Ellen McBride

    Ellen McBride

    Finance Controller

    The thing I love most about the ranch is that it is for people of all ages. From the very young to the retirees, there is a place for each to participate and volunteer. I have seen God bring his children to a place where it is safe and where they can come and be loved by staff without judgment. Living in Central Oregon brings a greater depth of experience with God every day.

  • Sarah Robinett

    Sarah Robinett

    Equine Manager
    Session Instructor

    I first heard about Crystal Peaks when I was 12 years old, listening to Troy and Kim speak on the Focus on the Family broadcast. When I turned off the radio, I told my mom emphatically, “THAT’S what I am supposed to do with my life!” From that moment on, I knew God was calling me to work with kids and horses.

  • Aly Pflugfelder

    Aly Pflugfelder

    Similar Ministries Advisor

    In 2011, I was given the book Hope Rising by a neighbor. Like most busy moms, it inevitably sat on the counter waiting for an opportunity to be read. Later that year, friends of ours invited us to join them at a CPYR Information Clinic for people interested in using horses in ministry. The two dots were connected, and God gave unique callings to each of us during our time at the Information Clinic.

  • Wendy Moore

    Wendy Moore

    Merchandise Coordinator

    My heart is full when I am at the Ranch! My husband Devin and I felt a strong calling on our lives to relocate to Central Oregon in 2016. We knew God had a plan and we knew His promises to be true and that He would reveal His plan in His timing. For the first year following our relocation we knew we would, for family reasons, need to still split our time back in Northern California.

  • Hannah McBride

    Hannah McBride

    Community Outreach Coordinator
    Session Instructor

    I heard an interview with Kim Meeder when I was eight years old and felt convicted, as only an eight-year-old can feel convicted, that Crystal Peaks would somehow be in my future. Across the years, I have followed the growth of Crystal Peaks and have kept the dream alive that someday I might serve with this team.

  • Ann Hawley

    Ann Hawley

    Volunteer Supervisor

    I’ve had a special place in my heart for Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch for over 20 years. My husband Greg and I met Kim and Troy in the early 90’s, and we’ve cherished their sweet friendship over the years. We’ve continued to pray for the Lord’s leading on their lives and, although we moved to Portland years ago, our bond has remained strong.

  • Rachel Hanson-McBride

    Rachel Hanson-McBride

    CRM Customizer

    Hey there, friends. It is a bit odd to introduce myself to all of you in this way. Since there are such a variety of reasons you may be reading these words, I am not sure that I can speak to every question in these short paragraphs. Still, I want to encourage you with a few thoughts from my life here at the ranch.