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Bay Mare | DOB: April 20, 1999 | Arrival: December 1, 2010 | Height: 15 hands

Even though she was missing 150 pounds, she was beautiful. Still spunky after standing on feet that hadn't been trimmed for a year, she had not given up.

After spending time with this Arabian mare, Kim knew she could not leave her behind.

The mare was not alone. Her pasture buddy (Abigail), also missing a significant amount of weight and standing upon shockingly long hooves, must come as well. Mercifully, the owner released these two into our care.

In the days that followed, Kim began contemplating the best name for this new addition to our herd. As she thought, her mind drifted to a fellow warrior for Christ, a staff member at Crystal Peaks, and our dear friend, Jenni Reiling.

Jenni had battled pancreatic cancer for three years. At the time when Taylor was rescued, Jenni was in her final days on Earth. A faithful servant of the Gospel, Jenni had tirelessly championed the work God was doing at Crystal Peaks. Our dear friend embraced the arms of Jesus on January 2, 2011

Jenni was heavy on Kim's heart and she suddenly knew what to name our new bay mare. Her name would be given in honor of Jenni and this horse would be a piece of Jenni's legacy. Jenni's maiden name was Taylor, and Kim realized it was perfect. “Taylor” would suit this spunky mare. After all, Jenni's playful, spunky personality was very similar to this new addition to our herd. Kim hoped that calling this mare by her new name would remind others of a life filled with joy. Jenni, despite a grueling battle with cancer, never ceased to be joy filled. What a legacy!


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