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Quarter Horse

Bay Gelding| DOB: 200​8 | Arrival: 11/09/2015 | Height: 14:1 hands

Sisco came to CPYR in the fall of 2015 along with his pasture mate, Silas. As has been the case with only a small number of equine acquisitions at Crystal Peaks, these two geldings were purchased out of as much of a desire to help a human in need as it was to bring on new horses for our Session Program.

We know only bits and pieces of Sisco’s story before his arrival at Crystal Peaks. He comes from good breeding, has been well started, possesses a gentle temperament, and will one day be a solid addition to our session program.

In the meantime, he has become Troy’s personal “project” horse. Sisco is still young and under the careful hand of just one experienced trainer, has the opportunity to grow into a well-rounded, calm, adult horse.

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