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Draft Cross

Palomino Gelding | DOB: ​2000 | Arrival: ​11/09/2015 | Height: 1​4:3 hands

Silas came to CPYR in the fall of 2015 along with his pasture mate, Sisco. As has been the case with only a small number of equine acquisitions at Crystal Peaks, these two geldings were purchased out of as much of a desire to help a human in need as it was to bring on new horses for our session program.

Born on a PMU farm where his future was most likely dismal, Silas was eventually rescued by a long-time friend of Crystal Peaks. Silas was ready for kids and riders from the time he arrived at our Ranch. He has always been drawn to people. As soon as any person enters the paddock, Silas willingly approaches with bright curiosity, ready for work. Combined with a natural sensitivity to his riders’ cues, sturdy build from draft-cross stock and easy-going gaits, Silas proves to be the “complete package” that ideally fits a program like ours.

Silas’ attitude and experience is an incredible testament to the changing power of Jesus Christ. What was initially seen as a mere by-product of consumerism has blossomed into a loving friend who wants nothing more than to team up with a child for their next adventure.

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