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Buckskin Mare | DOB: 2003 | Arrival: August 2005 | Height: 14:1 hands

The first time we met this little filly, something very unusual happened. She was not suffering in any way. In fact, her care was exemplary. What struck our heart was the fact that her elderly owner was a widowed woman experiencing financial distress. She was doing her level best to care for her horse ranch amidst her failing resources. Clearly, the horses were not suffering—the owner was. Her small ranch was falling apart. Her clothing was threadbare and she herself was very thin.

Not wishing to disrespect her by an outright offer of financial help, Troy and Kim did the next best thing. They chose instead to buy one of her striking buttermilk buckskin fillies. A deal was quickly reached and by the end of the day, an elderly woman was helped and we were driving home with a lovely new addition to our family.

The color of Shamis' coat seems to be a physical herald of her temperament. She is bright, friendly, gentle and sunny. Her personality beckons like an early sunrise. Her inquisitive expressions seem to call out, “Today is a brand new day. Come, let's spend some time together.” Although Shamis is not a rescued horse, we believe that Crystal Peaks is a place where she is allowed to flourish. Within the Ranch setting, she uses her gifts well. Of the many characteristics we look for in a children's horse, she possess each one needed to minister to the hearts of those who choose to spend time with her.

Over the years, Shamis has become one of the most sought after and loved horses within our session program. She has proven her genuine heart of gratitude and leads others toward this same, simple place.


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