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Chestnut Gelding | DOB: 1994 | Arrival: 2002 | Height: 14:3 hands

There are so many qualities we, as a staff, look for in a horse that is part of our children’s riding program. One of the most valuable qualities is a willingness from the horse to trust the human as their leader. We look for horses that demonstrate a simple faith. A trust in the fact that we will never hurt them in any way and—because of this trust—they choose to do whatever is asked of them.

This perfectly describes Robby: A gentle Arab gelding that was donated to become part of our program. Throughout his many years of service to the children who come to the Ranch, he has demonstrated what a truly remarkable horse he is.

A resounding example of Robby’s character was witnessed many years ago during a visit to the vet. We had to take him in for a small infection. His response to intensive veterinary care, including confinement, shots, cleaning and medication was nothing short of amazing. He just calmly looked at us, asking with his eyes, "You're not going to leave me are you?" Even the veterinarians were astonished at his level of trust and his quiet attitude.

Robby places this trust in each child that has the opportunity to ride him. It seems like everyone is given a piece of Robby's heart, creating an unbreakable bond between the horse and child. He is truly a tender gift to all who've had the privilege of knowing him.

 “Robby is my favorite horse. When I ride him I know I trust him. He has taught me to be patient with horses, and to know that when you find the right horse you’ll want to ride it forever.” — Grace, age 9


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