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Chestnut with flaxen mane and tail Mare | DOB: 2/9/1998 | Height: 15:2 hands | Arrival: 7/2011

“Amazing Grace,” or Mazie for short, is not a rescued horse. Our dear friend, Richard Shrake, was downsizing his professional horse training operation and chose to donate this kind mare to the Ranch. It was his hope to not only find a loving home for his equine friend, but also a place where her gentle, easygoing personality and extensive training would be put to good use.

Richard was right. Everything he told us about this exceptional mare has proven to be a fact. She truly is a compassionate, gentle, quiet children’s horse. Her mild nature has made her a natural fit for many of the children who frequent Crystal Peaks. Without fanfare, Ms. Mazie has silently become a beautiful refuge for those who seek shelter in her friendship.

Fun fact: She is a granddaughter of Secretariat.


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