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Tennessee Walker

Palomino Gelding | DOB: 2001 | Arrival: 12/2004 | Height: 15:2 hands

Jed was donated to the Ranch because of his prior owner's great love for him. Although she received many lucrative offers for his purchase, none of the potential buyers seemed to be right for her special gelding. So instead of selling him, she chose to contact the Ranch and give him to our children's riding program.

Jed's heart is so simple, honest and easy going that on his third day of official training he was already carrying a rider in a saddle. Because of his gentle spirit, this tall, sturdy palomino gelding is loved by many. His quiet and compassionate personality has made him a perfect match for many children who are in need of a healing friendship.

Jed and Dylan were one such match. Dylan was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at birth. He and his parents have visited the ranch regularly for riding sessions since he was 6 years old. Jed was a challenging horse for Dylan—his big, rocking gait excellent for improving Dylan's muscular development. Despite the challenge, there was never a lack of smiles from this sweet child in the days this faithful steed carried him around the arena. By simply being himself, Jed's kind nature silently offers hope to all, including families like Dylan's.

Our continued gratitude extends to Jed's original owners for blessing the Ranch with this amazing equine.

Fun fact: Jed has helped to "train" many of the younger horses on the Ranch by allowing them to be ponied behind him. By following his steady lead, he has taught many a colt the ways of the wilderness.

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