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Welsh Cobb

Bay Gelding | DOB: 1992 | Arrival: 11/13/2007 | Height: 14 hands

"Because he is a National Champion pony jumper, dozens have offered to buy him at a very high price. Yet, my love for him and his future well-being is clearly leading me to find a home for him on the eastern slope of the Cascades. My vet is convinced that the high, dry climate in your area might even cure our pony of his COPD-type symptoms . . ."

After hearing these words, my team and I dashed up and over the mountains through a fleeting hole in the weather, then quickly retraced the same three hour route with a stocky bay pony in tow. Before he stepped out of our trailer and into his new life, he stepped into his new name . . . "Jacobi." In part, we named him Jacobi because it is the surname of some very dear friends, but also because it was a very happy sounding title for a very happy hearted pony.

To our great relief, the ominous symptoms that plagued him in the valley and hampered his ability to breathe and perhaps to even live a normal length of life . . . have completely disappeared.

Since day one, Jacobi's play and attitude have exhibited just how much he loves his life living within the family herd. Nearly every morning, he can be seen running around the paddock teasing the other horses with a flat jolly ball or chewed up stick in his mouth. He is a prankster that simply loves to play! It is this playful spirit that draws those close to him to enjoy every minute of this life. Perhaps it's because he realizes, as a horse, that "the most wasted of all days is the one without laughter."

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