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Leopard Appaloosa Gelding | DOB: 1995 | Arrival: December 2005 | Height: 13:3 hands

Truly, the Lord works in mysterious ways. After suffering the devastating loss of “Shonee the Wonder Pony,” we were all left to wonder "Lord... why?" How could anything good come from something so horrifically bad? Thankfully, it is in times like these that we get to see glimpses of how much God wishes to 'trade our sorrows for His joy.'

Only a few short months later, a generous family from Washington delivered what we fully considered as a leopard spotted answer to our prayers. His name was Gideon and just like his namesake he has become the little pony who could! Choosing to shed his fears, he has grown into a remarkable little man that, with a voice that only a pony has, encourages everyone around him that if HE can do it, so can YOU!

Not long after his arrival at the ranch, Gideon began exhibiting ‘unusual’ head movements. To our astonishment, a routine trip to the vet revealed that our ‘Little Pony who Could’ was totally blind in one eye and had been for quite some time.

To this day, Gideon continues to live a life that proves, “What is impossible with man (and ponies) IS possible with God!” Instead of focusing on what he lacks his actions give evidence that he chooses to focus instead on what he can do… love each and every child in need. (

Gideon’s complete story can be found in Kim Meeder’s book, Bridge Called Hope.)

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