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C.L.C.'s Freedom (Ele)

C.L.C.'s Freedom (Ele)


Bay Mare | DOB: 1991 | Arrival: 1995 | Height: 15:3 hands

Ele is the horse that started it all. She was named C.L.C.'s Freedom in honor of Curt, Lindsey and Cindy, the three compassionate souls who donated the finances to purchase her freedom. Troy and Kim could not have realized that when they rescued their first horse in 1995, Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch was soon to follow. No one knew that this young horse who had been beaten so violently by her previous owner that a vet was needed to sew up her face—would become the figurehead of today's ranch.

As she has been from the beginning, Ele is not only Kim's personal horse, she is also her confidant and priceless friend. Together they have explored deep wilderness, competed in endurance racing, moved cattle and ridden amongst wild horses. From time to time they have watched stars appear in the high mountain sky and have swam shoulder to shoulder in alpine lakes.

As Kim explains with a laugh, "When it comes to riding, she is pure JET FUEL combined with a sweet, obedient and passionate heart. She is truly one of the greatest joys of my entire life." Although now a part of our veteran (retired) herd, Ele continues to be Kim's equine soul mate to this day.

Fun fact: once Kim left Ele to nap on the shore of a lake while she was attending to the needs of a friend's horse. The friend looked over Kim's shoulder and burst into laughter. “Hey Kim, look! Your horse woke up and decided to take herself for a swim . . . with all your tack, cantle bag, lunch, dry clothing and camera!" Kim called her back to shore, where she climbed out of the lake, shook mightily and exhaled in a rush as if to exclaim, "Wow! That felt GREAT!"


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