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Black Mare | DOB: 5/2003 | Arrival: 5/2003 | Height: 16 hands

Sired by the deceased Friesian stallion, "Galahad", Eclipse was the last foal born to one of the ranches original mares, a beautiful black Hanoverian mare named "City Blues". Imprinted at birth, Eclipse was started by Troy. Since day one of her training, Eclipse has shown great intelligence, boldness and an even gentle demeanor. While quiet in nature, her Friesian heritage is never far from the surface. The kings and battle lords of The Netherlands bred the Friesian for war. Carrying armored knights to battle, the Friesian was known for its upright, bold, ground pounding carriage. Eclipse has become a powerful expression of her noble ancestors.

"So often, as I ride her, I am reminded that we should assault our spiritual battles with the same ferocity; never holding back, never compromising. Not unlike the Friesian, with ground pounding faith we take captive the advances of the enemy." -Troy Meeder

Ridden only by Troy, Eclipse has begun what promises to be a lifetime of adventures.

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