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Quarter Horse

Red Roan | DOB: 4/20/2014 | Arrival: 9/23/2014 | Height: 13  Hands

Rejected and nearly killed at birth by his mother, Amos was removed from her side and placed at a nearby goat farm. He didn’t receive kindness, nurture, protection or love from his mother. Likewise, from  his equine ‘family,’ he received nothing but harm. He was rebuffed and abandoned, then dropped amongst those who weren’t his kind and left to forge a new life.

From a human perspective, this horse should’ve been depressed, introverted, a loner, emotionally caved in. Most would nod in agreement that he should feel that way. He has a right to feel that way.

Yet, upon first meeting Amos, I watched in wonder as the red colt before me was NONE of those things. He eagerly seeks attention from anyone willing to offer it, easily accepts new challenges, and has a generally whimsical air about him that draws even the hardest of hearts toward him.

Though not a rideable horse yet, Amos still willingly carries his own weight in the session program simply by being himself and loving people.  Through a start that gave him every right to grow bitter, Amos has instead chosen to closely bond with those who invested in him: his humans.

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