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Quarter Horse

Palomino Mare | DOB: 2004 | Arrival: 11/28/2008 | Height: 14:2 hands

"Alula," like so many of the people who come to this ranch, has had a past filled with both joy and sorrow. What we know is that this tenderhearted mare once lived a rich life before coming to Crystal Peaks. An elderly gentleman who loved her very much was in the process of training her. One day, he did not return from her corral. A short search by his alarmed family found him lying on the ground beneath his beloved horse. Alula was found standing over the lifeless body of the man she adored.

In spite of her overwhelming grief, courage overcame fear as the gentleman’s wife reached out for help. She called Crystal Peaks and shared her story. She spoke of her husband’s kind Quarter Horse mare who was healing from a significant shoulder injury. Upon examination, a veterinarian had determined the horse had somehow—with great force—collided into a tree. They pulled many pieces of bark from her wounded left shoulder, revealing a gash that stretched a foot long and half a foot wide. The widowed woman asked if the ranch would be able to take this still wounded mare into our care. Moved by compassion and the urgent medical need of this sweet horse, Crystal Peaks adopted her immediately.

Days later, Kim stood in the corral with a staff member discussing a fitting name for our new golden colored girl. While observing the shape of the mare’s shoulder wound, an idea began to form. Just as kids stare up at the sky calling out the shapes of clouds, these two women noticed the wound was healing in the shape of a star. When research yielded a beautiful star called "Alula," they knew they had found the mare’s new name.

Over the years we have seen Alula’s kindness shine as bright as any star. She lovingly seeks interaction and offers friendship to all who come near. While volunteers and ranch staff work in Alula’s paddock, they can always count on being greeted with a pair of pricked ears and a curious, outstretched nose. Alula has found a new home at the ranch. Although one life cannot replace another, she is loved very well by a multitude of children who think she is the best horse in the world... for them.

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