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Bay Gelding | DOB: ​6/16/1998 | Arrival: 6/2019 | 14:3 hands

“On the mountain of the Lord it will be provided.” (Genesis 22:14, NIV)

The ranch truck and trailer made its way up the hill and slowly turned into the Crystal Peaks main yard. Carefully stowed inside were five scrawny and starving weanlings.  The smallest of the group was a spindly bay Arab. His reddish-brown hide was barely able to stretch over his spine and protruding ribs. Far weaker than the others, the fragile gelding had an arduous journey ahead. A new life awaited. He needed to simply trust . . . and step out of the trailer.

Hope was on the horizon. The shackles of destruction surrounding the lives of the starving youngsters were broken and consumed by the flaming embrace of love. 

Immediately responding to the dire need, Crystal Peaks purchased the release of the neglected colts.  Several individuals heard of the rescue and did more than simply feel bad—moved by compassion—they took action. They kindhearted supporters pooled their personal resources and covered the cost for the redemption of five forgotten lives. 

The destitute Arab soon came to be known as “Tal.”  He was renamed in honor of the couple who had generously provided the funds for his redemption.  The gelding’s emaciated body responded quickly to the healthy provision that was made available to him. In a single season, he grew through his initial description of “tiny.” Although perpetually slender from the lack of vital nutrients in his young life, Tal was becoming tall. 

Along with the increase in Tal’s stature and muscle, his kind and passionate spirit also blossomed.  Tal’s quiet and inquisitive nature was increasingly bolstered by his newfound confidence and strength.  Soon, he was carrying riders triumphantly around the arena—at times—throttled by a pure excitement.

As a young and hot-blooded Arabian, it became evident that Tal was too advanced for many of the children who came to the ranch for sessions.  With the tempering of age and experience, the growing gelding had high potential as a ranch horse. But for the years in between youth and maturity, he needed a skilled rider.

It was during this season that one special girl had proven her riding abilities—and—her love for Tal.  When the Ranch approached her with the opportunity to adopt her equine friend into her home and family, she was elated. Without hesitation, she willingly agreed.

Through the following years, the two of them grew up together. Each understanding the other with increasing depth, they trusted one another to compete in many events. Every experience advanced them deeper into trust and skill between rider and faithful mount.

Seasons flew by, melting together into the irreplaceable tapestry of life.

One spring day the ranch was contacted by Tal’s owner.  She and her family were moving and unable to take their beloved equine friend. Tentatively, she asked, “Would Crystal Peaks be interest in adopting Tal back again?”  The answer was a resounding, “Yes!”

A few weeks later, our beloved gelding made the circle back to the redeemed cinder pit where his healing began.

Tal has enjoyed reuniting with some of his old friends in the herd.  Our desire for this kind and gentle gelding is to safely live out his days at Crystal Peaks, surrounded by the joy and support of his four-footed family. Still true to his nature, Tal’s sensitive and thoughtful demeanor continues to impact all who interact with him.

If Tal could read, he might agree with the Psalmist David, “I was young and now I am old, yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken . . .” (Psalm 37:25, NIV).  In Tal’s youth, God provided a way for his rescue. In his prime, God provided a purposeful calling.  And in his advancing age, God gave him a haven of loving rest.

God did not forget the needs of a horse named “Tal” . . . and He has not forgotten you. 

Like Tal, God has purchased your redemption at a cost—a great cost. The price was the life of His Son Jesus Christ.  All that remains is for you to receive the gift of the new life He offers—by simply trusting Him—and calling on His name.

A new life awaits. You needed to simply trust . . . and step out of the trailer.

Today, you can ask Jesus to come into your heart. Then, the shackles of destruction surrounding your starving soul will be broken and consumed by the flaming embrace of His love . . . for you.

Tal’s full rescue story is recorded in Kim’s first book, Hope Rising.

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