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Leopard Appaloosa, Gelding | DOB: 4/2004 | Arrival: ​4/2021 | 15 hands

In April 2021, a new arrival came to Crystal Peaks. “Hosanna” is a 17 year-old POA/Quarter horse cross. This horse was given to us by a woman walking through a horrific divorce. She and her girls were unable to care for their beloved horse after losing their home. He is virtually session-ready and a very kind hearted gentleman.

During the evaluation process, we decided to take two weeks to pray and ask for God’s leading. In that time, I had a dream. God told me in my dream to name the horse “Hosanna.” When I woke up and began praying, God put several important points on my heart about why He chose this name:

  • “Hosanna” means “God saves” and is used in joyful celebration when Jesus entered Jerusalem before going to the cross.
  • The horse’s markings are known as leopard appaloosa—he is white and covered with red polka-dots and splashes of color. His entire coat looks like a party. The Lord put on my heart that when Jesus saves us, He does it all the way to restoring our joy. God’s rescue results in joyful celebration.
  • Like this horse, many kids come to the Ranch after “falling through the cracks” of a broken family. The heartbreak that comes from divorce is devastating . . . but Jesus’s rescue is so profound and complete He’s promised to restore their joy.

 Through everyone who was praying, God confirmed this horse was to come to the Ranch. A couple weeks later we worked hard to find a date that would fit all parties. As only God could arrange, Hosanna arrived before Easter on April 2nd – which was GOOD FRIDAY. WOW! God’s timing is always impeccable!


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