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Hanoverian Friesian


Black, Mare | DOB: 5/2003 | Arrival: 5/2003 | 16 hands

Born on the Ranch to one of our original foundation horses, Eclipse entered this world into loving, welcoming arms.  Troy imprinted the new filly at birth, cradling her in his hands.  Starting from her first breaths, Eclipse grew into an astounding blessing and one of the biggest horses at Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch.

The heritage of Eclipse traces centuries back to the dark ages. During this time kings and battle lords of the Netherlands bred the Friesian for war. Originally created to created to carry heavily armored knights into battle, the Friesian was known for its power, mobility and upright ground-pounding carriage.

Within this century, Eclipse’s Friesian breeding has become a war horse of a different type.  Daily, she carries the chosen sons and daughters of the King of kings as they each bravely face their own battles in life.  Eclipse beautifully exemplifies the truth of the Gospel and demonstrates the power—and gentleness—of God’s love.

Although she stands as the Ranch’s largest mare, Eclipse is one of our meekest horses.  The Greek word for “meek” is praeis. It is translated as “exercising God’s strength under His control.” (HELPS Word-studies.)  Endowed with her God-given enormous strength, she willingly chooses to yield her massive footsteps to the smallest direction of a child.

Matthew 18:10 speaks of children in this way, “See to it that you do not look down on one of these little ones.”  Even while towering over the tops of the children who love her, Eclipse still responds to each tiny friend with the highest respect and honor.  She demonstrates for all of us the beautiful joy of God-given power—that is controlled—for the service of “these little ones.”

Eclipse’s steadfast kindness has earned her a place among our most trusted foundation horses. Within a typical summer day on the Ranch, it’s not uncommon to see children guiding Eclipse—from a wheelchair—and then see that same wheelchair left behind at the arena entrance.

As a kind leader among our horse herd and a confidant of many children, Eclipse has become a cherished friend to all at the Ranch.  She not only carries the generational heritage of honor within her bloodlines; step-for-step she has etched her own legacy as an example to those who follow.

Like Eclipse, will we do the same? Will we harness the strength entrusted to us and humbly stoop to lift up and encourage the hurting in our midst?  Will we honor our redeemed heritage of forgiveness and redemption through the blood of Jesus Christ and join the battle for the lost all around us?

Our treasured and mighty war horse portrays how beautiful it is when we allow the gentle, compassionate strength of Jesus to—dwell within us—and pour through us.

What our Ranch family has to say about Eclipse:

"While riding her, I’m often reminded that we should attack our spiritual battles with the same ferocity as a Friesian; they never hold back or compromise. Not unlike Eclipse—with ground-pounding faith—we can also take captive the advances of the enemy." Troy Meeder

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“I’ve always wanted a horse. I prayed to God for one, I thought He wasn’t going to answer, and then I came here and found Eclipse.” - Shaelynn, age 13

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