Who We Are

Session Horses

“For there is one body and one Spirit, just as you have been called to one glorious hope for the future . . . However, he has given each one of us a special gift through the generosity of Christ.” (Ephesians 4:4, 7, NLT)

Ranch horses who have completed specific and carefully supervised training are released to safely support children in our session program. These are known as our “Session Horses.” Within this group, each equine has a unique life story and personality that reflect the redemption of Jesus’ love offered to anyone who seeks it. For the children who come to the Ranch, the session horses literally carry the primary riding load. Many young hearts who experience sessions with these horses discover through their time together—the loving God who created and cares for them both. In many ways, our session horses are the frontline warriors in sharing the Gospel at Crystal Peaks. 

  • Ojava


    A tall, elegant black Hanovarian, Ojava has a deep legacy here at Crystal Peaks. Born on the ranch property, her mother served as one of the original four foundation horses of what has become our current session program. As a filly, Ojava's fine breeding provided the ranch a unique opportunity of support - she was sold to a loving home and the funds went directly to serving horses and families in need.

  • Remnant


    Unknown, Possible Tennessee Walker

    By the time hurricane Katrina made landfall, it had strengthened into a category five storm. With sustained wind speeds of over 150 mph, virtually everything in its path was in grave danger. As the levies failed and waters started to rise in southern Louisiana and Mississippi, those who were not able to move their livestock out of harm's way simply opened the gates and prayed.

  • Shamis


    Breeding Stock Paint

    The first time we met this little filly, something very unusual was in effect. As an equine rescue facility, we are often called to walk amidst great suffering. But this young mare was not suffering in any way. In fact, her care was exemplary. Instead, what Kim and her team witnessed was that her elderly owner was a widowed woman experiencing financial distress.

  • Silas


    Draft Cross

    Silas came to Crystal Peaks in the fall of 2015. His acquisition was unique because he was not a battered or neglected horse. His owner was experiencing personal crisis and needed financial assistance toward providing a safe home for her infant son.