Who We Are

Session Horses

“For there is one body and one Spirit, just as you have been called to one glorious hope for the future . . . However, he has given each one of us a special gift through the generosity of Christ.” (Ephesians 4:4, 7, NLT)

Ranch horses who have completed specific and carefully supervised training are released to safely support children in our session program. These are known as our “Session Horses.” Within this group, each equine has a unique life story and personality that reflect the redemption of Jesus’ love offered to anyone who seeks it. For the children who come to the Ranch, the session horses literally carry the primary riding load. Many young hearts who experience sessions with these horses discover through their time together—the loving God who created and cares for them both. In many ways, our session horses are the frontline warriors in sharing the Gospel at Crystal Peaks. 

  • Alula


    Quarter Horse

    Alula, like many of the people who come to this Ranch, has had a past filled with both joy and sorrow. What we know of this tenderhearted mare is that she lived a rich life before coming to Crystal Peaks. She was deeply loved by an elderly gentleman who was in the process of...

  • Bethlehem



    “Dear Jesus, please send us the right horse.” This was a portion of our prayer, during a season where many of our four-footed friends stepped across the retirement threshold into a much earned life of rest. Their faithfulness carried many a child into the loving arms of Jesus. Now, it was time for them to pass the baton . . . but to whom?

  • Buckshot


    Quarter Horse

    From the first moment Troy saw him, he knew that 'Buckshot' had to be his name. Kim met Buckshot after a friend had purchased him at a local auction as a six-month-old. It was at that time she offered to buy him, but he was not for sale. Several years later the same friend called and inquired, "Are you still interested in my beautiful spotted boy?"

  • Eclipse


    Hanoverian Friesian

    Born on the Ranch to one of our original foundation horses, Eclipse entered this world into loving, welcoming arms. Troy imprinted the new filly at birth, cradling her in his hands. Starting from her first breaths, Eclipse grew into an astounding blessing and one of the biggest horses at Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch.

  • Hero



    On October eighteenth, Troy and I were contacted concerning the recovery and adoption of a small horse found wandering in the high wilderness of the Cascade Mountains. Evident by his halter and dragging lead rope, the bay Arab gelding was clearly not wild. Instead, while he was being transported to Bend Equine Medical Center for emergency treatment, he was kind and gentle, quietly submitting to those who were trying to care for him.

  • Hosanna



    In April 2021, a new arrival came to Crystal Peaks. “Hosanna” is a 17 year-old POA/Quarter horse cross. This horse was given to us by a woman walking through a horrific divorce. She and her girls were unable to care for their beloved horse after losing their home. He is virtually session-ready and a very kind hearted gentleman.

  • Jonas


    Arabian/POA Cross

    A small chocolate-colored horse entered the world as a riddle, a dichotomy, perhaps some would even taunt as a joke. His mingled blood combined the champion lines of his Arabian sire—with the lowly unregistered linage of his pony mother. From his birth, divine plans swirled over his young life, weaving a unique story of profound purpose in every detail.

  • Liberty Belle

    Liberty Belle

    Arabian/Welsh Cobb Cross

    We learned of a small mare born into a kind and loving home. The day of her birth was the fourth of July. To honor the value of this special day, she was named “Liberty Belle.” Her owner and caretaker, “Beth,” shared how the dazzling silver filly thrived and grew into a spectacular little horse. Liberty Belle and her younger half-brother were bred to be Arabian/ Welsh Cob crosses.

  • Little Bear

    Little Bear

    Clydesdale Cross

    Virginia looked at me with her trademark smile and said, "I knew that if he could survive traveling 1,000 miles packed into my trailer with 100 other PMU babies who were three times his size, he was meant to be yours." Together, we made our way through her "new arrivals" corral.

  • Nakia



    The Ranch phone rang, relaying information about a filly in need. The voice on the line was upbeat, “The mare you rescued named Bethlehem, would you be interested in her daughter?” We were so thrilled we could hardly believe the offer. Crystal Peaks adopted Bethlehem two years earlier and she had already become one of our finest children’s horses.