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Drum Horse


Black & White Piebald, Gelding | DOB: 2007 | Arrival: 5/28/2021 | 17 hands

Benaiah is a 14 year-old, large Gypsy Vanner/draft cross known as a “Drum Horse.” He came to the Ranch with a mare we named Legacy, who is of the same age and breed. Both horses were gifted to the Ranch by a beloved woman who met Troy and Kim in a flooring store. After an evaluation period and much prayer, we knew God was calling these horses to become a part of our ministry here at Crystal Peaks. As only God could arrange, a couple from Indiana contacted us wanting to bless the Ranch with resources to shoulder with our horse program. These resources were coming from a legacy fund in honor of their precious daughter, Renee, who passed away at the young age of 28 years-old. When Renee’s parents heard of these incoming horses, they leapt to action and sent support to cover all initial costs, upkeep, and sponsorship for these newly chosen equine ministers. 

With tremendous gratitude for this incredible gift, and in remembrance of his regal heritage, we named the giant gelding after a mighty warrior in the Bible. “Benaiah” means “Son of the Lord” and “Yahweh builds up.” In the Bible, Benaiah was a valiant and loyal warrior in command over King David’s personal body guard. He was so faithful that he became the commander of King Solomon’s army after David passed away. We are excited for the time young boys will be lined up on Benaiah’s long, strong back, learning about the heroes from God’s Word. Our new spotted warrior also knows the sting of suffering. In his young life, he was rescued from starvation, neglect and exploitation. Now fully healed and restored, he is giving his life to begin carrying children toward the hope of Jesus Christ.

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