Who We Are

Training Horses

“Anyone who listens to my teaching and follows it is wise, like a person who builds a house on solid rock.” (Matthew 7:24, NLT)

The “Training Horses” at Crystal Peaks arrive with many different backgrounds and various levels of handling. Whether coming as a battered or neglected rescue, a beloved horse who needs a new home or a young horse who seeks a secure start in life—every horse must undergo a season of highly specialized care and training from our approved staff members. Some of these training horses transition to loving homes, while others remain and advance in their education toward entering the session program. The prayerful goal for each horse is to build a solid foundation for their next step in life. With the assurance that God has a unique purpose for each horse, we train and release these treasured friends into the beauty of His perfect plan.

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    American Paint Horse

    An older man’s voice reached out through the phone line, “My wife, Bella, and I are considering donating her mare to Crystal Peaks . . .” On the other end of the call, Sarah scribbled hasty notes as he spoke. She listened while the man continued, “We’re aging and know there will come a time when we won’t be able to care for our horses like we want to."

  • Forge


    Registered Quarter Horse

    During a season of personal transition, a beloved local volunteer contacted the Ranch regarding their horse. Although the young family loved their gelding tremendously, they understood that only having one horse posed a hardship for his equine heart. They knew without another equine as a companion, their horse felt lonely.

  • Forrest


    Quarter Horse

    In 1998, a small man walked up the driveway of a fledgling ranch for broken horses and hurting kids. In the following hours, I learned the reason for Forrest’s visit: he came to share his own story of rescuing a volatile mustang that none of the previous dozen owners could handle.

  • Freedom



    In the summer of 2020, Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch experienced a monumental event in its equine history. The treasured matriarch of our herd—the horse who started it all, Kim’s beloved C.L.C.’s Freedom, also known as “Ele”— passed away at 29 years of age. Through her rescue in 1995, a foundation was laid for the horses who would follow.

  • Nakia



    The Ranch phone rang, relaying information about a filly in need. The voice on the line was upbeat, “The mare you rescued named Bethlehem, would you be interested in her daughter?” We were so thrilled we could hardly believe the offer. Crystal Peaks adopted Bethlehem two years earlier and she had already become one of our finest children’s horses.

  • Tess


    Quarter Horse, Arabian

    “Dear God . . . uh . . . let us help this horse and bring her home to the ranch. Amen.” The somewhat awkward prayer ended abruptly. Melody opened her eyes and beamed. She grinned shyly at the girls surrounding her, acknowledging her first public prayer. The horse Melody prayed for came to our attention through another session child.