What We Do

​Parent & Guardian Information

We require that a child’s parent, guardian, or approved caretaker be on the Ranch property—at all times—during their child’s session. Adults, siblings and friends who are not scheduled in a session have some options during this 90-minute timeframe. These options include: 

  • Joining our volunteer team: In part the Ranch continues to—serve families free of charge—because of the faithful hands of our volunteers. This united team has helped us develop, build and maintain what the Ranch property is today. We seek to keep maintaining, improving and refining all that has been entrusted to us. One of our most treasured activities is when we have the opportunity to know families better through working side by side. “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” (Acts 20:35). This beautiful truth sums up our volunteer team. For more information about volunteering, click here.


  • Talking with the Greeter: Every day during the session season, a staff member is given the sweet mission of greeting everyone who comes to the Ranch. A portion of their job is to make every guest feel welcome and embraced. They receive the children and families and help connect the kids with their assigned leader for the day. They are available to answer questions, give information and pray with those who desire it. To identify the Greeter, look for the adult wearing a green shirt who is carrying a blue clipboard and walkie-talkie.

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  • Watching your kids participate in sessions: We encourage parents to watch from a distance that allows the session leader to maintain a one-on-one relationshipwith your child—but close enough so your kids know you’re present and can share what they learn through their unique challenges, triumphs and breakthroughs. 
  • Taking pictures or video of your kids in a session: Again, we simply ask parents or guardians to be aware of giving space to their child and leader during the session. (Note: For the safety of all of our participants and visitors, pictures or video of other session children are strictly prohibited. If you are taking pictures or video footage, be aware of other sessions going on so that they are not included in your view).  
  • Playing with your children who are not participating in sessions: Please feel free to engage your kids in one of our many games provided by the Ranch. Outdoor fun can be found in the wooden toy box by the wagon. Fully stocked with pool noodles, squirt guns, super soakers, balls and foam toys, a running, squealing “yahoo” awaits anyone who opens the lid. There is also a “kid powered” Ranch swing and for those who need a bit less action, board games are provided in the barn. Please keep your children who are not in sessions with you at all times—and let the fun, memory making begin. This is a wonderful opportunity to give undivided attention to those in your care.

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  • Meeting the horses: Our herd is a vibrant part of our Ranch staff. We invite our guests to get to know them either over the fence—or—join the Greeter who will chaperone those who wish for a more personal introduction into the paddock. For safety’s sake, we ask that no one enter any enclosed space with a horse without a staff member present.
  • Seeking out time to pray: The Ranch has created many “private in public” places to talk with God. Amongst the many benches, swings, tables and gardens, the Ranch also offers the Lookout, a high deck above Independence Arena. This covered deck area was built especially for those who wish to join us in saturating everything that God lays on our hearts in prayer. From this hallowed place, the prayers of the faithful rise continually. Everyone is welcome.