What We Do

Local Youth Organization Partners

Fostering Hope - A City without Orphans

(541) 382-7504 ext. 236


Fostering Hope was launched in 2012 by Westside Church in Bend, Oregon. The purpose of Fostering Hope is to reach into our community as the hands and feet of Jesus, helping children and teens in need, whether they are in foster care, have aged out of the system, or live in a family teetering on the edge.

Fostering Hope provides safe, temporary housing for children of families in crisis through Safe Families for Children. They also provide a positive camp experience for teens in foster care each summer through Teen Reach Adventure Camp. Whether it is a meal for teens in transition, sleeping bags for the homeless young people, care boxes for children entering foster care, or room makeovers for local DHS offices, Fostering Hope exists to do everything we can to make life better for our children while showing them the love and hope of Jesus through our actions. 

C.O.P.Y. Central Oregon Partnerships for Youth

(541) 388-6651


Children with an incarcerated parent or caregiver face greater risks, barriers and challenges than those fortunate enough to live in a more stable family environment. The Deschutes County Sheriff's Office created the Central Oregon Partnerships for Youth (C.O.P.Y.) program to provide support and assistance to the children of inmates, giving them a more equal opportunity to succeed.

C.O.P.Y. is not a court-mandated program. Youth and families must apply and be willing to actively engage to become involved. C.O.P.Y. does not work with juvenile offenders or kids with extreme mental health needs.

KIDS Center

(541) 383-5958


Kids Intervention and Diagnostic Service (KIDS) Center is a child advocacy facility serving Central Oregon. They are a non-profit organization dedicated to the prevention, evaluation and treatment of child abuse. Founded in 1994 by the community, KIDS Center works together with law enforcement, medical providers and social service agencies to create a supportive response to child abuse through a multi-disciplinary team approach.

Circle of Friends

(541) 588-6445


Circle of Friends provides an at-risk child a loving, caring, nurturing and sustained relationship with an adult role model. This individual teaches positive values and has attainable expectations for each child in order that he or she may become a healthy, productive member of our community.

The chapter of Circle of Friends in Sisters, Oregon is designed to befriend at-risk children in early developmental stages to help them create a long-term successful change in their lives. They seek to help their children develop life skills, social skills, academic success and their individual talents. 

Healthy Families of the High Desert



Healthy Families of the High Desert oversees a court-supervised intensive treatment program serving parents in Deschutes County who are struggling with substance abuse. This program incorporates a collaborative community approach to holding offenders accountable, treating parents gripped by addiction and keeping children safe. Additionally, the program is coordinated and closely monitored by the court under the direction of the Family Drug Court Judge.