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It is important to the staff at Crystal Peaks to take time with each visitor by showing them around, introducing them to some of the horses and doing our best to answer individual questions. To preserve our one-on-one sessions with the kids and to ensure that a staff member will be available for you, we ask that all visitors e-mail or call our office to schedule a tour before coming to the ranch.

Spring Tour Hours (​March - June) 

  • Tuesday 4:​00 pm - ​5:30 ​pm
  • Thursday ​2:​​30 pm - 4:00 ​pm 

Summer Tour Hours (July & August)

  • Tuesday 4:​00 pm - ​5:30 ​pm 
  • Thursday ​9:​30 ​am - 11:00 ​am

Fall Tour Hours (September - October)

  • Tuesday 4:​00 pm - ​5:30 ​pm
  • Thursday ​2:​​30 pm - 4:00 ​pm 

Winter Tour Hours (​​November - February)

  • Tuesday 2:​30 pm - 4:00 ​pm
  • Thursday ​​2:30 pm - ​4:00 ​pm

(If these times do not fit into your travel schedule, please call or e-mail to inquire about possible options).

Phone: (541) 330-0123


In planning your visit to Crystal Peaks, please take a moment to look at our online calendar. There you will find dates of community events you might wish to attend. Also, there will be days listed when the ranch is closed to the public.

Click here to check our Calendar of Events.

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