Pray Day

Pray Day

3/20/2014 4:05 PM - 4:05 PM

As we anticipate the opening of our Session Program each year, our staff spends much time preparing for and praying over the coming season. We firmly believe that Christ must be central to all that we do. Thus coming before His throne daily, pouring out our hearts in supplication and thanksgiving regarding our work at the ranch, is an honor our staff delights in. 

During our annual Pray Day we intentionally set aside time to do just that.  Our staff unites and bows before our Heavenly Father, calling upon Him to lead us in every small and large facet of the ranch.  We spend an entire day walking the whole property of Crystal Peaks, praying over each horse, each paddock, every building and arena.  Praying as small groups, individually and corporately; we lift each staff member before the Lord, as well as each specific branch of this ministry.

As we approach this year’s Pray Day, we invite you to join us from wherever you are, to be in prayer over the coming season.

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