Fierce Beauty
Fierce Beauty

Fierce Beauty

"Kim Meeder poured her heart onto these pages, encouraging readers to be authentic, to defend their hearts against sin, and to find peace in unexpected places. In Fierce Beauty you will be challenged to embrace God's unconditional love when faced with roadblocks. Kim's words will inspire you to stand up and run your own race -- straight into the open arms of Jesus. This book stands alone for self-study, and it would be an outstanding choice for your small group." 

​— CAROL KENT, speaker and author of Between a Rock and a Grace Place

"Kim Meeder knows firsthand the courageous heart adventure of healing. Fierce Beauty will empower you to recognize your surrendur to the King as the most powerful road to purpose, strength, and beauty." 

​— DR. JULI SLATTERY, author, family psychologist, Focus on the Family co-host

"In Fierce Beauty, Kim Meeder recounts lessons learned through her own journey and awareness of God all around her. Her words will open your heart to receive and embrace truth from God's Word that is able to set even the most captive heart free. I was challenged and encouraged and am certain you will be too!" 

​— MEREDITH ANDREWS, recording artist

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