Join The Cause

Joining the Cause...

It is quickly becoming apparent that our little ranch property is just too small to house all of our dreams. One of these dreams is to allow anyone who has a heart to serve the ranch to come and help us in person. At this time, in order to focus our resources on our core program, we are unable to have short-term volunteers from out of the area.

However, we would love to connect you with someone who does need your help! The mission of Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch is not only ours. We share our vision and passion with hundreds of Similar Ministries across the United States and around the world. We are a big family, and our prayer is that you (or your group) can be connected with one of these ranches. Please click here to locate Similar Ministries near you that just might need your help.

We hope to one day have enough space and leadership to welcome volunteers from anywhere in the world for various amounts of time. But we trust the Lord, and we know that His timing and provision is perfect. It is exciting for us that you or your group might be able to join with a ranch in your area for long-term growth.