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Equine Rescue & Placement

Signs of Equine Abuse

Animal abuse or neglect can be a complex issue with many factors to consider. If you suspect or know of a case of abuse, it is important to consider the following:Benjamin Edwards Photography-120523-16.jpg


Does the horse look thin or emaciated?


Is the horse very old or very young, and does this play a factor in its physical appearance or condition?

Living Conditions:

Does the horse have drinkable water? Is the horse fed once a day? Is the living environment unsanitary? Has the horse been abandoned?


Is the horse sick, injured, lethargic, or distressed?

Although Crystal Peaks is limited in the number of animals it can manage, if you know of a potential horse rescue situation in the Central Oregon area call our office at 541-330-0123. Please make sure to inform us that you are referring to a potential horse rescue and not a horse donation.

Equine Donation Additional Information

Due to our space and financial constraints, CPYR rarely adopts additional equines into our own riding program. To maintain our ability to be prepared for emergency rescues, the ranch reserves a few available spaces for such situations. However, Crystal Peaks would be more happy to provide resources to you for finding a good home for your equine friend. We offer these options:

  1. Currently, we are looking to evaluate and consider well-mannered, rideable, 7-12 year-old horses for our children’s riding program. If you think your horse might be a good fit for our ministry, please visit our Donate a Horse page.
  2. If you feel your horse would be a good fit for children, please check out our list of Similar Ministries. Should you find a ministry located near you or a ministry that you feel drawn toward, please contact that organization to inquire about their space availability. 

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Elderly Horses

For those with elderly horses who have served you well in their youth, we strongly encourage you to "return the favor" by keeping them. Thus, you are completing the circle of love and respect by providing a safe, secure, and familiar home until the end of their days. If you are considering getting a new horse and do not have the funds to support two animals, we recommend waiting to acquire a new horse until you have found a healthy, safe and happy home for your retired equine.