Equine Adoption



Information for those who wish to Adopt a Horse

As you look at adoption opportunities in your area please keep in mind that you are responsible for contacting the donor and carefully seeking out the details. CPYR has simply created a forum to connect those who need to donate a horse with those who wish to adopt a horse. All the contact information you need to inquire further is provided in each post.

As you consider taking on horses in need, please ensure that you will have enough financial resources to take care of your human family first, and then your equine friends. Bear in mind that there will always be more horses in need of homes—than homes that can receive them. One of the most difficult things that Crystal Peaks does . . . is say “no.” Although our desire is to take on all horses in need, we must be practical with our financial and physical responsibilities to the horses already in our care.

To avoid unforeseen hardship for your existing equine family, please take note of these measures. Make sure to carefully inspect your land, finances, hay, experience and available time to determine how many horses you can reasonably and safely handle before considering any new additions.