Equine Adoption


Information for those who wish to Donate a Horse

If you know of a potential horse rescue situation, or wish to find an adoptive home for your horse, please take a minute to answer the questions below. This form will be sent to the Crystal Peaks Equine Manager for review. Once approved, the Equine Manager will notify you and the information will be posted on the map. (NOTE: Please be aware that all of this documentation, including your contact information, will be placed on the forum).

Please take notice that CPYR is not responsible or liable in any way for any equine transactions through this means. Nor will we be able to facilitate anything further than simply providing a place where horse donors can connect with those seeking to adopt a horse. Individuals interested in adopting your horse or who desire more information will contact you directly through the information you include below.

Please make sure to update the Equine Manager once you find a home for your horse. By doing so, we will remove your post and keep the forum as current as possible. E-mail equine@cpyr.org or call 541-330-0123 with any additional questions you might have.