Ranch Life

It’s always a privilege to spend time with the Vern Patrick Elementary and Cascade Middle School Life Skills classes. Each year these two incredible groups of kids visit Crystal Peaks.  Our time together provides an opportunity for them to enjoy ranch life and ride a horse. Many of the kids face various challenges academically, physically and/or developmentally. After a few minutes at the ranch any visible challenges or limitations fade away into the background.  From each child’s heart emerges a beautiful portrait of courage and perseverance. Their joy and enthusiasm for life is deeply felt. Their smiles are contagious and far-reaching. Being with these wonderful students always fills our hearts to the brim.

We hope this visual expression warms your heart as much as the time spent with these kids impacted ours.

By Katie Jacobsen

In the video below you will meet Lilly, a precious toddler who volunteers with her mom Catherine. Even before she was old enough to walk, Lilly spent time in a pack on her mom’s back while Catherine invested in CPYR’s volunteer program. Now at the age of two, Lilly is able to work side by side with her mom doing simple tasks such as watering flowers and picking up apples. We love this sweet family of two and consider them a part of our ranch family. We hope you enjoy watching a day in the life of our littlest volunteer.

Our volunteer program encompasses all ages and demographics. We believe that no matter your age, background or circumstances every one has something valuable to give back to their community. If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a CPYR volunteer, click here.

Special thanks to Red Owl Photography for their work on this video.


By Kim Meeder

Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch has a New Inspirational Video.

Several months ago, we announced that the Ranch was working hard on a new production, something that would encourage every viewer, near and far, toward the hope of Jesus Christ.  It’s been our desire to share through video—worldwide—the work the Lord continues to pour through this ranch . . . and ANY heart that genuinely turns to Him.

After a full year in the making, we’re thrilled to announce that this ministry tool has been completed!

Throughout the last 20 years of Crystal Peaks journey, the Truth of God’s Word has reigned in our mission: we have no hope to offer the kids and families who come . . . other than the one true hope found in Christ alone.

Although spoken through the framework of ‘life on the ranch,’ this project carries an inspiring message of hope and redemption. Please join us in sharing this visual expression of hope with ANYONE who needs encouragement.

To order the DVD click here.

We ask that you would join us in prayer over this DVD. It’s our desire that this project find its way into every broken heart searching for TRUTH.  Thank you so much for shouldering with us by sharing this moving and powerful message of HOPE.

Special thanks to Benjamin Edwards, Tiffany Lausen and Paul Powers for all the hard work they put into this production. Please note, the identity of some children have been concealed for their protection. No horses were injured in the creation of this film.

By Josie Gwin

Our amazing volunteers form a key part in keeping the Ranch running smoothly. Daily, they work together and add to the growing foundation the Lord uses to keep the Ranch facilities and programming strong. Through each of our Local Volunteers faithful and sacrificial gifts of time, His Kingdom grows. It’s our great privilege and honor to walk in friendship and support with every one of these generous hearts.

Together we celebrate the opportunity to shoulder with each other in serving the Lord through this ministry. For a glimpse of what some of our volunteers do, please view the video below.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch, click here.

By Judy Jeffery

On Sunday, September 21, 2014 at 5:15 pm, Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch welcomed a new baby foal to the herd. Our beloved ‘Shamis’ gave birth to a sorrel colored colt!  Ranch founders, Kim and Troy Meeder witnessed the delivery and captured the event on video.  They wish to share it with you.  You may view this precious gift from the Lord by clicking play on the video below. Please understand that the video is slightly graphic in nature, so be advised if you have little ones in the room.

Also, be watching for the sweet story behind this little colt’s name in the winter issue of “Around the Fire”.

By Josie Gwin

Do you love kids?  Do you love horses?  Do you have a heart to serve God’s Kingdom? Do you have a passion to share the love of Jesus with others?

If you answered ‘yes’ to the above questions, are over 18 years old and willing to commit 2 – 7 months of your time—then Crystal Peak’s 2015 Full Time Volunteer Program may be what the Lord is calling you toward.

Below is a video that shows a glimpse of our program through the heart-spoken words of this year’s Full Time Volunteers.   As they share, prayerfully consider what the Lord may be asking from you for our 2015 season!

Applications will be accepted and considered in November and December of 2014.  Prayerful decisions will be made and notifications given to prospective volunteers in January, 2015.

Click here to view our Full Time Volunteer Application.

Special thanks to Troy Meeder for filming and Sarah Aydt for editing.

By Katie Jacobsen

Earlier in the summer, Mutual of Omaha contacted Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch to inquire about possibly participating in their ‘Aha Moment’ Campaign.  For the last five years, producers of the campaign have taken their Airstream mobile film studio on the road.  So far, twenty cities across our nation have been visited, capturing inspirational and life changing ‘Aha moment’s’.

When the tour came to Bend, Oregon, two of our staff members, Brad and Rachel Shultz were delighted to share their ‘Aha moment.’  Karina Bonn, mother of four children who have been participating in our session program for many years also shared her story.  Each were asked, “What ‘causes’ fuel your passion and how has that pursuit changed your life?”  Their short video clips can be viewed by clicking on the links below.

Click here to watch – Brad & Rachel Shultz

Click here to watch – Karina Bonn

Every year, our ranch is deeply blessed by those who travel from near and far to serve—FULL TIME—the needs of the children, families and horses that make up the whole of Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch. Each of their individual giftings weave together to become part of the total fabric that God uses to heal the hearts of those who come to this special place.

Our “FTV’s” are unique, funny, tough, playful, determined, perseverant, selfless servants. We are grateful for each of their strong hearts.

We hope you will enjoy them as much as we do . . .

Special thanks to Jeff Gorham for filming and Kelsie Woodford for editing.