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By Judy Jeffery

Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch is pleased to inform everyone that Focus on the Family will re-air an interview featuring Kim Meeder’s third book, “Blind Hope”.  This interview, “Unconditional Love: Lessons Learned From My Canine Friend” is scheduled to air Friday, December 26, 2014.

“Blind Hope, An Unwanted Dog and the Woman She Rescued” was released back in 2010.  Kim’s Blind Hope interview with Focus on the Family became one of the top five shows for that year.

On this scheduled airdate, the streaming audio of this broadcast will appear on Focus on the Family’s broadcast page. To view this page, click here.

To find a station that will carry the program in your area, click here.

After the airdate passes, the program can be accessed for 31 days on the “Focus on the Family Daily Broadcast” webpage. To view this page, click here. 

In addition, a downloadable podcast will be available on iTunes (just search for Focus on the Family Daily Broadcast).

If you or someone you know may be struggling in the often hopeless places of life, please tune in for this interview.  During the Christmas season when many are seeking answers and meaning, this is one encouraging way to find the TRUE source of Genuine HOPE, Jesus Christ.

“Blind Hope” and other books written by Troy and Kim Meeder can be found on Crystal Peaks online store. Click here to start shopping!


By Katherine Teague

Since its birth, the journey of the ranch has been one of dependency on the Lord. Each year the story continues to unfold as the Lord carries forth His gracious work in and through us. Everything Crystal Peaks stands for has come from God’s merciful guidance—and we are so thankful for each challenge and victory He has used to shape us and keep us clinging fast to His Truth.

Seven years ago, we created our first promotional video to share the heart of Crystal Peaks as intimately as possible with those who could not come here in person. SO MUCH has happened since. New horses, new people, new clinics, new property—the never ending story of the hope that can only come from Jesus Christ continues. And we are thrilled to announce that this year we have been working with a few extremely talented local artists, Benjamin Edwards (Benjamin Edwards Photography), Tiffany Lausen (Red Owl Photography), and Paul Powers (White Knuckle Studios) to produce a brand new promotional video!

The video will include footage of our programs, interviews with Troy and Kim, staff, volunteers and ranch families. But more than just sharing stories and scenes, our desire through this endeavor is to share the Hope of Christ.

Our story is not our own—the Lord is the author of every detail. Redemption, rescue, renewal—these are the things our Savior is about. Through CPYR’s journey these last 20 years, His Truth has reigned in our mission: we have no hope to offer the families and kids who come other than true hope that can be found in Christ alone.

The release date for our new promotional video is set for January 2015. Look for an announcement to come with further details, and join us in sharing this beautiful true story of redemption and hope.

We are excited to announce that we have added eight new products to our online store that we want to share with you.  These items, as well as our other fun gifts, can all be found in the Last Chance Trading Post today. It’s our desire that these new items will become a meaningful gift to someone you love.

Click on one of the products below to view further information as well as a ‘Buy Now’ option. Order by December 18th and receive your gift in time for Christmas!

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Youth Girl and Horse T-Shirt – Blue

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Redemption Story Bracelet – Bronze

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Field Bag – Java


By Judy Jeffery

On Sunday, September 21, 2014 at 5:15 pm, Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch welcomed a new baby foal to the herd. Our beloved ‘Shamis’ gave birth to a sorrel colored colt!  Ranch founders, Kim and Troy Meeder witnessed the delivery and captured the event on video.  They wish to share it with you.  You may view this precious gift from the Lord by clicking play on the video below. Please understand that the video is slightly graphic in nature, so be advised if you have little ones in the room.

Also, be watching for the sweet story behind this little colt’s name in the winter issue of “Around the Fire”.

By Katie Jacobsen

Earlier in the summer, Mutual of Omaha contacted Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch to inquire about possibly participating in their ‘Aha Moment’ Campaign.  For the last five years, producers of the campaign have taken their Airstream mobile film studio on the road.  So far, twenty cities across our nation have been visited, capturing inspirational and life changing ‘Aha moment’s’.

When the tour came to Bend, Oregon, two of our staff members, Brad and Rachel Shultz were delighted to share their ‘Aha moment.’  Karina Bonn, mother of four children who have been participating in our session program for many years also shared her story.  Each were asked, “What ‘causes’ fuel your passion and how has that pursuit changed your life?”  Their short video clips can be viewed by clicking on the links below.

Click here to watch – Brad & Rachel Shultz

Click here to watch – Karina Bonn

By Judy Jeffery

By God’s design, recently Kim Meeder accepted several speaking engagements on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. In a span of sixteen days, she spoke fifteen messages of hope. Woven throughout this tapestry of ministry were many threads of pure redemption. One such redemptive moment came when Kim joined with Danny Yamashiro, host of The Good Life Hawaii radio show. Together throughout the interview Danny and Kim weave the beauty and blessing in suffering with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

If you need the hope of Jesus Christ or encouragement by the Word of God, please tune in to this powerful interview.

Click here to hear this conversation in its entirety.


The 2014 Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch Calendar has arrived and is available for order!

It is with great joy that we offer this free gift to you.  Our prayer is that this calendar will connect our hearts, as well as offer hope and encouragement to you throughout the coming year.

To order today click here.

Merry Christmas from your CPYR family!


By Katherine Teague

When not at the ranch, Kim aRed Owl Photography 2013-120731-32nd Troy are often traveling the country speaking at conferences, schools, churches and other ranches.  Ultimately, through each venue, they are able to share what is core to Crystal Peaks’ mission: the hope of Jesus Christ.  Last week, Kim had the unique opportunity to spend time in Kentucky, speaking and interacting with students at Asbury College, as well as The Providence School (a local alternative middle and high school) in Jessamine County.  The Lord was powerfully at work.

Below is a link to an article written for Central Kentucky News.  We encourage you to read it to learn more details about Kim’s visit and the incredible impact it had on students, teachers and community members. Kim’s message addressed what characterizes all of humankind: everyone is searching for hope—even if they do not know it. That hope—as she shared from her own life experience—can only be found in its fullest fruition in Jesus Christ.  The message landed on soft, tilled ground. We praise God for what He’s doing in Kentucky and pray for His continued movement in and redemption of hearts and lives.

Click here to read the full article.

By Katherine Teague

Around the ranch it’s no Katie Jacobsen Photography -131126-7secret that our staff LOVES coffee.

When you live in the Northwest, it’s hard not to—there’s a drive-through coffee hut on nearly every corner. To celebrate each trip together, the first stop we make after piling into our vehicles is literally ten minutes down the road—all good things begin with a great cup of coffee.

Needless to say, we’re over-the-top excited to announce that Crystal Peaks now carries its very own “Bronc-n-Brew.” Made possible by Fundroast, this coffee comes from the best shade grown, sustainably harvested beans in the world. They are hand selected and meticulously roasted by Fundroast Coffee, right here in Bend, Oregon. And, much to our liking, these beans brew an extraordinarily full-bodied and complex coffee. Fundroast works hard to ensure the integrity of the entire process from farm, to worker, to you and the good causes you support.

Fundroast is a company that partners with organizations like Crystal Peaks.  Its goal is to help raise funds, establish community and build awareness by using the finest coffee beans in the world. Who knew you could do so much good just by drinking coffee?!

Bronc-n-Brew makes an incredible gift for anyone who appreciates great coffee.  And our hope is that these fellow coffee lovers will gain even more satisfaction in knowing that a portion of the proceeds of every bag sold goes to support CPYR’s ministry—allowing us to further reach families, kids and horses in need.

From your Northwest family of coffee consumers here at the ranch . . . enjoy! Click here to view this product on our online store!


Photography By: Katie Jacobsen

By Kim Meeder

At the ranch, we’re in constant prayer over every detail and aspect of this ministry.  Time and again, as a staff—and with many around the world joining us—we come before the Father with dreams, requests and hearts full of praise.  This year a longtime prayer was answered for the ranch in a way that we never expected. We stand in awe before our King and marvel over such a gift and story of grace…

The date was Tuesday evening, June 25th, a Ranch Fellowship night.  It had been my turn to teach and I had just finished speaking on following God in “Spirit and in Truth.”  Most of the crowd had moved outside between the barn and the tack room even though the night was very cool.

A small group of 4-H kids had come from another state to bring a donation they had earned for the ranch through a fundraiser held in their own town.  They came to the ranch to hand deliver their precious gift and to volunteer for the day.  Standing in the fading light with my back to the horse corral, I delighted in fielding the hail of questions from the girls. “What’s that gold horse’s story?”  “Where did the black and white one come from?”  “Why does that bay gelding over there only have one eye?”

As their curiosity was satisfied, the adult leaders of the group started to steer them toward the driveway.  I asked the group where they might be spending this brisk night.  One of the girls answered with an ample amount of concern, “We’re CAMPING in tents and it’s going to be COLD!”

Considering the answer for a moment, I responded by saying, “You know, I believe that someday the Lord is going to provide more room for the ranch so that when groups like yours come down, we’ll already have a place for you to stay.  Just think how easy and fun that would be!  All we need is just a little more space.”

There, in the twilight, mingling within the crowd, I saw an individual about 30 yards away purposefully turn around and look directly at my face.  Our eyes locked momentarily.  While I answered the last few questions from the girls, I noticed the individual take several steps toward the back of the group.  Then, they just stood fast . . . listening.

The following day an unprecedented message crossed my desk.  It was from the one who’d turned around and looked at me the night before.  Although wrapped in kindness, the tone was urgent.  “I would like to meet with you and Troy.”

After a bit of schedule wrangling, Troy and I met them a few days later.  The urgency of the meeting ignited my curiosity into a roaring flame.  Why the rush? What was so pressing?  Had we missed something important?  Was the ranch somehow at risk?

After a bit of friendly conversation, and with the timing of a professional poker player, our friend finally lifted their hands and said, “Okay!”  This was it, my heart rose to its tippy-toes.  This was the announcement of why we were summoned to rush together . . .

With a hint of a smile, they explained, “God has been talking to me . . . and far be it from me not to listen!  When I heard Kim say to that group of girls after Fellowship, ‘All we need is just a little more space,’ I heard God say, ‘And YOU are going to give it to them!’”  Without speaking, they reached into their pocket and pulled out a folded sheet of paper.  As they unfolded it, instant recognition shot through my chest like an arrow!

The crumpled paper was then held up at eye level for Troy and I to clearly see.  It was a real estate flyer for a 51-acre piece of property across the street.  The pictures captured a beautiful ranch that we knew well.  Twice previously, the Lord had turned our attention toward this land to our west to pray over with intention.  With a giant barn, indoor arena, two-story home and a 25-acre hay field, this ranch had captured our dreams more than once.

Yanked back to the present, our friend smiled broadly and announced, “I’m going to buy this for you!”

I glanced at Troy and saw his jaw drop!  Our eyes danced between the faces in the room and the sheet of paper.  As the power and wonder of this gift thundered into my heart . . . I couldn’t stop the tears.  As if from a distance, I heard my own voice repeat, “Oh Jesus, oh Jesus! Oh Jesus! . . .”

(Personal note—it is still so surreal to even write this!  And yet I could hardly wait to share the news—the miracle—of how Jesus has answered the culmination of YOUR combined prayers over us!)

With the meager ‘talents’ given by God in 1995, Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch has inhabited, invested and sown the truth of the redemption of Jesus Christ as hard as it could.  On August 6, 2013 our tiny 8.9-acre ranch—built within a rock quarry—was expanded by the King we serve into 60 acres.

It is with overwhelming joy and anticipation that we—the staff of Crystal Peaks—stand at this new threshold, with full awareness that, “To whom much is given, much is expected” (Luke 12:48).  With all we have, our ranch exists to Mentor the Child, offer Hope for the Family, Rescue the Equine and Empower the Ministry.  We beseech you, our extended family to join us in prayer as we carefully, thoughtfully and purposefully proceed to grow our ability to share the hope of Jesus through this gift. We can hardly wait to see what’s next!

Katie Jacobsen Photography -131008-10Katie Jacobsen Photography -131008-23Red Owl Photography-5313Red Owl Photography-5354Red Owl Photography-5324Katie Jacobsen Photography -131008-21Red Owl Photography-5316

Katie Jacobsen Photography -131008-15Katie Jacobsen Photography -131008-19Red Owl Photography-5308Red Owl Photography and Katie Jacobsen Photography