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By Wendy Moore

We are excited to announce three new products to our “Last Chance Trading Post” . . .  just in time for Christmas!

Hydro Flask – Caffeine Lovers Rejoice and Adventurers Hydrate!

From morning quiet time with Jesus, to on the go adventures by horseback or foot. Made with TempShield™ double wall vacuum insulation, your coffee will stay piping hot for up to 6 hours or cold beverages icy for up to 24.

Hydro Flask is known for their superior quality but, we also love that their headquarters is based right here in our backyard in Bend, Oregon. Currently available in 2 sizes, 20 and 24 ounce, and 2 colors for each size. Share the message of the Ranch with this CPYR custom logo conversation starter in your hand! Also available is a straw lid that is an additional option for the 20 ounce flask.


Encountering Our Wild God by Kim Meeder

It’s official, Kim’s newest book and audio book on CD that was released in June of this year is now available for purchase through the Ranch. This new book has been so well received and God is doing amazing things through readers. They are learning “Ways to Experience His Untamable Presence Every Day”.

We can’t comprehend Him, but we can experience Him. Offering miraculous, inspiring stories of lives and circumstances transformed by the Holy Spirit. This is Kim’s first book ever to be release in an audio version and it was powerfully recorded in her own voice!


Oregon Blueberry Jam – “Kim’s Favorite Blue Jewels”

We did plant 450 bushels of blueberries here on the ranch in 2014 because “Kim love loves blueberries” These little jewels in a jar can be enjoyed year round, not just during summer harvest. The blueberries in this jam are grown on a historic family farm in the Oregon coastal town of Bandon, a place that is near and dear to Kim and Troy’s hearts. Take home a little taste of Oregon and enjoy on your morning toast or pancakes. Available in 13 & 21 ounce sizes.


We have an exciting announcement!

Focus on the Family has selected Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch to be their featured organization for the Adventures in Odyssey Club (AOC) during the month of September! The purpose behind the AOC is to introduce parents and their children to other like-minded Christian organizations and the impact they’re making through high quality audio dramas. The 30-minute audio episodes combine the faith lessons parents appreciate with characters and stories that kids love.  

We’re thrilled to be featured in an episode that will be heard by over 19,000 families who are a part of the AOC. In the latest exclusive Club adventure, “Angels in Horsehair,” Whit & Renee travel to a horse ranch that reaches out to hurting kids through rescued horses and the love of God. Don’t miss this heartwarming tale of renewed hope and healing based on actual events in the ministry of Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch. Each Odyssey episode comes with a special video documentary and a set of activities, called Web Quests. The episode, documentary and activities will relate to or feature Crystal Peaks in some creative way. 

The episode will be available online beginning September 1st, 2017. The club offers a free 14-day trial (no credit card needed) for families who are not members of the club and wish to listen in. You can sign up for the free trial and listen to the featured CPYR episode titled, “Angels in Horsehair” by clicking here. 

In addition, we have created a kid friendly landing page for the CPYR website. This special page invites kids from the Adventures in Odyssey Club to explore our website and learn more about the heart behind the ministry.  If you would like to visit this special page, click here.

For many years it has been a dream of Crystal Peaks to create something that would allow kids to take home even a small amount of what they see here at the Ranch. We have been working hard for over the better half of last year to make that dream come true and are very excited to present to you our new product!

Crystal Peaks has created a coloring book! Partnering with local artist Danae Swan*, we now offer a 48-page work of art that can become your very own work of art! Inside you will find hand-drawn pictures of your favorite Ranch sights teamed up with some of our very favorite Ranch kids’ quotes and Bible verses.

We hope this little book will capture your heart the way it did ours when we first saw these pages, and that you enjoy bringing these black and white pages to life!

*Danae Swan is an artist located in Bend, Oregon. She is a multi-media artist who enjoys capturing the life and personality of her subjects. Danae and her husband Tyler have loved and supported Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch for many years.


For those of you who’ve been around the ranch for a while and for those who happened across this post, we have exciting news!

This year, Crystal Peaks is participating in #GivingTuesday! Being only a three year old program, Giving Tuesday is a global day of giving, designed to provide a place for people to give back to their community by donating to the organization or project of their choice. Celebrated on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving (in the U.S.), Giving Tuesday will take place on November 29th this year.

A few years ago Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch was gifted the resources to purchase the ranch property located across the street from the main ranch. This tremendous gift has afforded us the opportunity to expand what Jesus is doing in and through this place. Since that day, we’ve been seeking the Lord in how best to utilize the many facets of the new 51-acre property. One of the most exciting aspects of adding this property to the Crystal Peaks campus is the 70-year-old dairy barn.  It stands beautifully placed on the property.

In His goodness, the Lord has provided us this space to invest in a larger meeting hall. Perfect for remodel, our strategic plan is to turn this 70-year-old barn into a Conference Center we will call the “Big Barn Conference Center.” Our project team has formulated a plan for the remodel and the design will safely accommodate up to 400 people! We share all this information in hopes that you will join us in becoming a part of this project.

We would like to invite you to choose Crystal Peaks this #GivingTuesday and donate to the restoration of the Big Barn. Help us transform this old dairy barn into a beautiful conference center!

Follow this link to hear the heart behind this project and for more information on how you can help!


We have a few new products for you to browse in our onsite and online store! We hope you enjoy these new views!

Quarter Zip Sweatshirts & Mugs

One of the highlights for those who visit the Ranch is the view of the mountains. The Three Sisters stand loud and proud and seem to be “watching over” the Ranch. You’ll see them painting a beautiful backdrop in almost every direction you look from the top of our hill.

The constant presence and view of these mountains has inspired a new logo for the Crystal Peaks Mercantile.

On both of the new men’s and women’s quarter zip sweatshirts, you’ll find our name, Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch, tucked just under the outline of the Three Sisters Mountains.

Also, just in time for fall, the Ranch now has two new mug options in our online and onsite store! Both mugs display our new design as well, so you can remember Crystal Peaks as you sip your favorite fall drink.

katie-jacobsen-photography-201605135 katie-jacobsen-photography-201605138

katie-jacobsen-photography586-2 katie-jacobsen-photgraphy23

Pray, Listen, Do Tee

Kim speaks often of these three little words that really are the simple answer to all circumstances in life.

“God is talking to men all the time . . . and so is our enemy. We each must choose whom we will listen to. When we PRAY, those who belong to the Lord recognize His voiceLISTEN to it, and follow/DO it! (John 10).”

These shirts provide the perfect opportunity to share the simple truth of following Jesus with everyone you meet. This tee is soft and light by nature with a beautiful heathered red color as the canvas for the message to be printed; this will indeed become one of your favorite shirts.

katie-jacobsen-photography-201605133 katie-jacobsen-photography-201605134


Find all of these NEW products and more in the CPYR online store.

*Click any image to see that item in the store.

Christmas is right around the corner.  For many that means sending Christmas cards to family and friends. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could print your family cards and support Crystal Peaks?

Well, this year you can!

Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch has partnered with Picaboo to provide an opportunity for you to create a family Christmas card and support the Ranch.

Picaboo is a web-based image publishing and printing company best known for its industry leading line of photo books. Customers can upload their digital photos through Picaboo’s in-browser application and create a variety of personalized photo products including photo books, cards, calendars, canvas prints, phone cases and more. Your life is worth printing!*

This collaboration provides an opportunity for you to make a family Christmas card AND support the Ranch. In fact, 50% of your total purchase will be donated right back to Crystal Peaks!

By following the link below, in a few simple steps you can create a card that includes your pictures and a personalized greeting. Your card is completely customizable, which means you can make it specific to your desires and unique to your family. One side of your card will display your personal card and the other side will share about Crystal Peaks and the saving hope of Jesus.

We hope you will consider supporting the Ranch this holiday season by ordering your Christmas cards through Picaboo and choosing Crystal Peaks!

For more information and to order your cards—follow the link and directions below.
1. Choose your card design at www.picaboo.com/non-profit-holiday-cards/crystal-peaks-youth-ranch/
2. Fully customize your card by adding your own photos, greeting and text
3. Place your order using promo code NPOCARDS to get 50% off

If you have any questions along the way, Picaboo has an awesome support crew ready to help you.
You can find the information you need to contact Picaboo by following this link: Customer Care



*Description by Picaboo

The Crystal Peaks Mercantile is excited to announce that we have added new products to our onsite and online store! Click on any picture to follow the link to the online store!

The Founders Tee

As Crystal Peaks continues through our 21st season, we felt it time to create a product that will remind us of those early days when the ranch was just a seed of dreams held in the Lord’s hands.

The Founders Tee, though simple in design, is one of the most comfortable t-shirts you’ll ever wear. This heathered tee simply reads, “Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch EST. 1995.” You’ll find this design in a chocolate brown for men and a soft blue for women. If you’re looking for a simple product to take home from the ranch, this shirt is for you!

Katie Jacobsen Photography -201605131 Katie Jacobsen Photography -201605132

New Jewelry!

We are excited to share two powerful messages we’ve been learning and applying here at the Ranch.

Find our new necklaces and cuff bracelets displaying these two messages:

I Believe:
This silver pendant was designed with the cross in the background and the word “BELIEVE” in the foreground.  The “I” is lined up in the center of the cross clearly symbolizing “I BELIEVE.”

John 6:29 says, “Jesus told them, ‘This is the only work God wants from you: BELIEVE in the One He has sent.’”  (NLT)

Katie Jacobsen Photography -2016051310-2  Katie Jacobsen Photography -201605135-2

Christ Prevails:
This design features the Crystal Peaks Brand Logo doubling as an acronym for “CHRIST PREVAILS.”  The back of the pendant on the necklace is inscribed with the powerful truth of Revelations 12:10-12.

 “Then I heard a loud voice in heaven, saying, ‘Now the salvation, and the power, and the kingdom of our God and the authority of His Christ have come, for the accuser of our brethren has been thrown down, he who accuses them before our God day and night. And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony, and they did not love their life even when faced with death. For this reason, rejoice, O heavens and you who dwell in them. Woe to the earth and the sea, because the devil has come down to you, having great wrath, knowing that he has only a short time.’” Revelation 12:10-12 (NASB)

This piece is a compelling reminder that Jesus Christ has already won EVERY battle that we will ever face in this life.  This is a truth every Believer can stand in—JESUS IS THE VICTOR!

Katie Jacobsen Photography -201605138-2 Katie Jacobsen Photography -201605131-2-2

Find all these products, and more, at the Crystal Peaks online store.

We’ve added a few new items to our online store that we know you’ll love!

Last Chance Trading Post now has available a new variety of greeting cards for your choosing. These cards feature our beloved ranch horses. They’re blank inside so you can send whatever message you desire, while sharing Crystal Peaks with your friends.

DSC_2885 DSC_2887 DSC_2888 DSC_2910

Find our Greeting Cards here.

We’re also excited to add a line of products introducing “All In” as its motto. These items relay a message that’s close to Troy Meeder’s heart . . .

“Each man’s life is a tapestry. The colors and textures explode into vibrant expression the moment he embraces existence without reservation, devoid of complacency, committed without pause. The tapestry, the expression, is fully realized once the blood thread of Jesus Christ is woven into a life lived . . . All In.”

DSC_2969  DSC_2921

DSC_2917-2  DSC_2962

Click on any ‘All In’ photo to view more information or to purchase the product.


Find these new items and more by visiting our Last Chance Trading Post today!
P.S. Be on the lookout for more new items coming soon!

By Kim Meeder

Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch has a New Inspirational Video.

Several months ago, we announced that the Ranch was working hard on a new production, something that would encourage every viewer, near and far, toward the hope of Jesus Christ.  It’s been our desire to share through video—worldwide—the work the Lord continues to pour through this ranch . . . and ANY heart that genuinely turns to Him.

After a full year in the making, we’re thrilled to announce that this ministry tool has been completed!

Throughout the last 20 years of Crystal Peaks journey, the Truth of God’s Word has reigned in our mission: we have no hope to offer the kids and families who come . . . other than the one true hope found in Christ alone.

Although spoken through the framework of ‘life on the ranch,’ this project carries an inspiring message of hope and redemption. Please join us in sharing this visual expression of hope with ANYONE who needs encouragement.

To order the DVD click here.

We ask that you would join us in prayer over this DVD. It’s our desire that this project find its way into every broken heart searching for TRUTH.  Thank you so much for shouldering with us by sharing this moving and powerful message of HOPE.

Special thanks to Benjamin Edwards, Tiffany Lausen and Paul Powers for all the hard work they put into this production. Please note, the identity of some children have been concealed for their protection. No horses were injured in the creation of this film.

By Judy Jeffery

Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch is pleased to inform everyone that Focus on the Family will re-air an interview featuring Kim Meeder’s third book, “Blind Hope”.  This interview, “Unconditional Love: Lessons Learned From My Canine Friend” is scheduled to air Friday, December 26, 2014.

“Blind Hope, An Unwanted Dog and the Woman She Rescued” was released back in 2010.  Kim’s Blind Hope interview with Focus on the Family became one of the top five shows for that year.

On this scheduled airdate, the streaming audio of this broadcast will appear on Focus on the Family’s broadcast page. To view this page, click here.

To find a station that will carry the program in your area, click here.

After the airdate passes, the program can be accessed for 31 days on the “Focus on the Family Daily Broadcast” webpage. To view this page, click here. 

In addition, a downloadable podcast will be available on iTunes (just search for Focus on the Family Daily Broadcast).

If you or someone you know may be struggling in the often hopeless places of life, please tune in for this interview.  During the Christmas season when many are seeking answers and meaning, this is one encouraging way to find the TRUE source of Genuine HOPE, Jesus Christ.

“Blind Hope” and other books written by Troy and Kim Meeder can be found on Crystal Peaks online store. Click here to start shopping!