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New Products in the Trading Post!

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We’ve added a few new items to our online store that we know you’ll love!

Last Chance Trading Post now has available a new variety of greeting cards for your choosing. These cards feature our beloved ranch horses. They’re blank inside so you can send whatever message you desire, while sharing Crystal Peaks with your friends.

DSC_2885 DSC_2887 DSC_2888 DSC_2910

Find our Greeting Cards here.

We’re also excited to add a line of products introducing “All In” as its motto. These items relay a message that’s close to Troy Meeder’s heart . . .

“Each man’s life is a tapestry. The colors and textures explode into vibrant expression the moment he embraces existence without reservation, devoid of complacency, committed without pause. The tapestry, the expression, is fully realized once the blood thread of Jesus Christ is woven into a life lived . . . All In.”

DSC_2969  DSC_2921

DSC_2917-2  DSC_2962

Click on any ‘All In’ photo to view more information or to purchase the product.


Find these new items and more by visiting our Last Chance Trading Post today!
P.S. Be on the lookout for more new items coming soon!