Ranch Life

CPYR’s Itty Bitty Helper

By Katie Jacobsen

In the video below you will meet Lilly, a precious toddler who volunteers with her mom Catherine. Even before she was old enough to walk, Lilly spent time in a pack on her mom’s back while Catherine invested in CPYR’s volunteer program. Now at the age of two, Lilly is able to work side by side with her mom doing simple tasks such as watering flowers and picking up apples. We love this sweet family of two and consider them a part of our ranch family. We hope you enjoy watching a day in the life of our littlest volunteer.

Our volunteer program encompasses all ages and demographics. We believe that no matter your age, background or circumstances every one has something valuable to give back to their community. If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a CPYR volunteer, click here.

Special thanks to Red Owl Photography for their work on this video.