Ranch Life

CPYR Brand New Promotional Video Coming Soon!

By Katherine Teague

Since its birth, the journey of the ranch has been one of dependency on the Lord. Each year the story continues to unfold as the Lord carries forth His gracious work in and through us. Everything Crystal Peaks stands for has come from God’s merciful guidance—and we are so thankful for each challenge and victory He has used to shape us and keep us clinging fast to His Truth.

Seven years ago, we created our first promotional video to share the heart of Crystal Peaks as intimately as possible with those who could not come here in person. SO MUCH has happened since. New horses, new people, new clinics, new property—the never ending story of the hope that can only come from Jesus Christ continues. And we are thrilled to announce that this year we have been working with a few extremely talented local artists, Benjamin Edwards (Benjamin Edwards Photography), Tiffany Lausen (Red Owl Photography), and Paul Powers (White Knuckle Studios) to produce a brand new promotional video!

The video will include footage of our programs, interviews with Troy and Kim, staff, volunteers and ranch families. But more than just sharing stories and scenes, our desire through this endeavor is to share the Hope of Christ.

Our story is not our own—the Lord is the author of every detail. Redemption, rescue, renewal—these are the things our Savior is about. Through CPYR’s journey these last 20 years, His Truth has reigned in our mission: we have no hope to offer the families and kids who come other than true hope that can be found in Christ alone.

The release date for our new promotional video is set for January 2015. Look for an announcement to come with further details, and join us in sharing this beautiful true story of redemption and hope.